What are the main ways to charge an electric vehicle?

As a new energy electric vehicle is more and more popular in the current market, for an electric vehicle, battery charging equipment is one of the most indispensable systems, its main function is to convert the electrical energy of the grid into electric The car's battery power. The classification of electric vehicle charging devices can be mainly divided into two types: vehicle-mounted charging devices and non-vehicle charging devices.

The on-board charging device mainly refers to a device mounted on an electric vehicle, and mainly uses a ground AC grid and a vehicle-mounted power source to charge a battery pack. It mainly includes on-board chargers, on-vehicle charging generator sets and running energy recovery charging devices. It mainly inserts AC power cables with plugs directly into the sockets of electric vehicles to charge electric vehicles. The general structure of the on-board charging device is relatively simple. Mainly designed according to the type of vehicle battery, more targeted.


Non-vehicle charging devices are ground charging devices, which mainly include dedicated chargers, universal chargers, dedicated charging stations, and charging stations in public places. Because of the wide variety, many types of batteries can be used to satisfy various charging methods. However, the power, size, and weight of non-car chargers are generally larger than those of on-board chargers, so that they can adapt to various charging methods of the car. In addition, because the energy conversion mode of the battery of the electric vehicle is different, the charging device when charging the battery is generally divided into a contact type and an induction type.


With the development of power electronics technology and the development of variable current control technology, and the maturity and popularity of controlled variable current technology, the phased constant current charging mode has gradually begun to be replaced by the constant current and current limiting charging mode of charging current and charging voltage. . Up to now, the main charging technology is mainly the constant voltage and current-limited charging mode.

The contact charging safety and versatility still have some problems. To make the contact charging method able to meet the strict safe charging standards, many protective measures are needed on the circuit so that the charging equipment can be in various environments. Safe charging. Constant voltage current limiting charging and phased constant current charging are all contact charging technologies.

In recent years, battery-inductive charging technologies for new types of electric vehicles have been developing faster and faster. Inductive chargers mainly use the high-frequency AC magnetic field to process the principle of the transformer. The working principle is mainly to sense the power from the original side of the vehicle to the side of the vehicle, so as to achieve the purpose of charging the battery. The greatest advantage of inductive charging over contact-based charging is safety, because there is no direct contact between the charger and the electric vehicle, so even if the electric vehicle is in bad conditions such as rain or snow, there is no risk of electric shock by reducing the charge. .


With the current development of electric vehicle charging technology, pure electric vehicles will be the major development direction of China's future in the long run. In the future, electric vehicles may develop pure electric vehicles on fixed lines. Then the charging stations will be as popular as today's gas stations, so vehicles do not have to worry about the lack of power to run continuously. More related content You can give us a message, we will try our best to solve it for you!

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