The evaluation of the quality of the skid line and the application of some requirements and types

The evaluation of the quality of the skid line and some requirements and types of applications explained:

The learning on the touch line is what we need to touch today because it is not just a web site product, but it is also widely used in practice, and there is also a very good development trend, and some The irreplaceable aspect, so it is very necessary to proceed, so as not to know how to use it properly when encountered in actual situations.

1. What are the standards for measuring the quality of safety slide lines?

In order to determine the quality of the safety trolley line, the aspects that can be referenced include the life of the carbon brush, the quality of the housing of the trolley wire, the performance of the current collector, and the voltage drop. In addition, the touch of the brush should also be considered. The problem of expansion of the line, when its length exceeds 100 meters. In the above aspect, if all of them are qualified, the quality is qualified.

2. safe wire sheath and guide rail <br> <br> security requirements trolley line, typically be made by the aluminum alloy, because the material properties of good conductivity, and can quickly adapt to the environment. In terms of length, it is usually about 6 meters. The jacket, the responsibility is required to have good toughness, but also to wear and anti-aging, and fire-retardant, so it is the use of engineering plastic material. Moreover, it can also play an insulating role to protect the operator's work safety.

3. The multi-pole safe wire and the rigid trolley line applications <br> <br> multi-pole safe wire, which is also the line A touch slide. However, compared with the unipolar safety wire, its current carrying capacity is reduced, so it is mainly used in low-power mobile devices.

Rigid body trolley wire is mainly used in some special occasions such as high temperature, humidity or corrosive environment. Moreover, because its cost is not low, it will not be used under normal circumstances to avoid increasing costs.

Through the elaboration of these three aspects, we can see that the security trolley lines are of various types and have a wide range of applications, and therefore are increasingly favored and welcomed by users. In addition, with the continuous progress of science and technology, we believe that in the future we will be able to develop more new varieties to meet the growing market demand and meet different needs.

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