The basic principle and application of magnetic separation

Magnetic separation is a beneficiation method that uses the difference in magnetic properties of various minerals to sort in the magnetic field of a magnetic separator . As shown in the figure below, when the ore particles with different magnetic properties pass through the magnetic field of the magnetic separator, they are inevitably subjected to magnetic and mechanical forces. Due to the different magnetic mineral particles and relatively strong magnetic ore particles suffered weaker magnetic force, they produce a different trajectory, thereby the magnetic mineral particles is selected according to the different separate into two or more selected from mineral products.

          Magnetic separation of the magnetic and non-magnetic may be of mixed materials, different materials may also be sorted magnetic properties. In practice, dressing, magnetic separation is mainly used for ores ferrous metals (such as iron ore, manganese ore) sorting. Separation of certain colored, rare metals and certain non-metallic ores, such as clay, quartz sand and graphite , is also applied. It can also be used to exclude magnetic impurities as a means of purifying raw materials.

        In recent years, due to the development of high field strength and high gradient magnetic separators, the application fields of magnetic separation methods are still expanding, such as recycling magnetic materials in waste water, removing paramagnetic impurities in chemicals and drugs.

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