Summer thief frequented, subway station installed security door

The weather was hot, the subway was busy, and the thief came again. Yesterday, Hangzhou Metro Public Security announced a gang theft case that had just been broken.

On July 25 and August 3 this year, the Hangzhou Metro Police received two consecutive cases. Some passengers stole the Apple 6PLUS mobile phone when they were on the subway line 1 to hit the railway station and the Jiangling Road station.

After receiving the report, the Metro Police organized a special personnel to conduct follow-up investigations. After monitoring and tracking, the police determined that both cases were done by the same group of people. This group of people had quite a lot of crimes. In the first case of striking the iron gates, they used tweezers to reach out into the victim’s bag and pin them out; the second case of the Jiangling Road station was tracked by pulling the headphone cable. Start with.

Soon, the police confirmed the identity of the group of thief, respectively, Liu Moumou (male, 19 years old, Chenzhou City, Hainan Province) and other 5 people were captured.

While notifying the case, yesterday the subway police also briefed us on the recent subway security upgrades.

In order to tighten subway security measures, the subway station has recently installed six security gates at the Lung Cheung Bridge Station and Wulin Square Station pilot stations of the Metro Line 1 with relatively large passenger flow and relatively complicated public security environment to strengthen the safety inspection of passengers and personal belongings. This is another important measure for Hangzhou Metro following the launch of the security screening.

At present, every security door is equipped with 4 security inspectors every day, and the passengers are re-examined by hand-held metal detectors . In case of a large passenger flow, subway operators will adopt measures such as diversion and current limitation to reduce the time for passengers to enter the station to implement the “identity check”.