·Suizhou Suizhou will build a special vehicle and parts 100 billion yuan industry

Recently, the main leaders of Suizhou City, Hubei Province, said at a meeting that Suizhou City will "work to build a special vehicle and parts and components of 100 billion yuan."
According to reports, Suizhou firmly grasps the historical opportunity of the new round of scientific and technological revolution in the world, takes the special automobile industry as the first pillar industry, firmly establishes five development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, and deepens the reform of supply-side structure. Promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the special automobile industry, with transformation and upgrading as the main line, innovation drive as the important support, product differentiation, innovation and synergy, enterprise three-dimensional, production and service integration, and realize the special vehicle of Suizhou City The industry has changed from the traditional economic development thinking to the "Internet +" fusion thinking, from the factor-driven to the innovation-driven transformation, from the production-oriented to the integration of production and service, and promoted the special-purpose automobile industry to continue to grow bigger and stronger.
In the basic principle, Suizhou develops the special automobile industry, adheres to the combination of market leading and government guidance, gives full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, strengthens the main body position of the enterprise, and stimulates the vitality and creativity of the enterprise;
Adhere to the combination of innovative development and green upgrading of the special automobile industry, build a green manufacturing system with high efficiency, clean, low carbon and recycling, and carry out green technology innovation in the whole industry chain;
Use new products, new technologies, new materials, develop new markets, and transform production methods, management methods and operating methods;
Establish new mechanisms and new models such as industry-university-research industry innovation strategic alliance, strengthen independent technological innovation, strengthen key technology development, accelerate product structure adjustment and product upgrading, continuously launch “specialized and special” models, and accelerate the development of new energy-specific vehicles and Low-carbon special-purpose vehicle technology promotes the development of energy-saving, safe and environmentally-friendly special-purpose vehicle products.
Not long ago, relevant leaders of Suizhou City introduced a new development strategy of Suizhou special-purpose automobile industry at a meeting: a base, two centers and three demonstration areas will be built.
One base is the nation's first, Asia-European leading, world-renowned special vehicle manufacturing base;
The two centers are the national first-class new product testing and innovation center and the national special vehicle R&D information exhibition center;
The three demonstration zones are the transformation and upgrading innovation development demonstration zone, the intelligent manufacturing demonstration zone, and the national regional brand demonstration zone.
The relevant leaders of Suizhou City introduced the development focus of the special automobile industry in Suizhou:
Coordinate the development of the traditional special-purpose automobile industry, continue to expand the large-scale chassis industry, and mainly realize the lightweighting of traditional special-purpose vehicles such as tank cars, dump trucks, special-purpose vehicles, sanitation vehicles and semi-trailers, and consolidate their market position;
Develop new energy, lightweight, intelligent, high value-added special-purpose vehicle industry, accelerate the promotion and application of new energy vehicles such as pure electric city buses, pure electric city sanitation vehicles, and pure electric city logistics vehicles, and strive to create key zeros for Suizhou new energy vehicles Component brand
Drive the development of the parts industry with the development of the chassis industry and broaden the development of sub-industry.
Suizhou City will accelerate the expansion of the special automobile industry cluster, relying on the 30-kilometer special automobile industry corridor, guiding resources to gather, planning and building industrial parks such as intelligent special vehicles and emergency equipment;
It will support the National Special Purpose Vehicle Quality Inspection Center and the Provincial Special Purpose Vehicle Research Institute to play a role in continuously improving the service level of design, research and development, marketing and other platforms;
Strengthen the specifications of the special-purpose automobile industry, improve the quality and brand image of special-purpose vehicles, and let the Chinese special-purpose vehicle capital gradually become world-renowned.
Suizhou special auto industry will actively apply new materials, new processes, vehicle networking and other technologies, vigorously develop new energy, lightweight, intelligent special-purpose automotive products, accelerate the development of special vehicles such as emergency rescue, special fire protection, high-speed rail maintenance, etc. Strong vehicle enterprises will drive the development of the parts industry.

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