Strong teamed up with Meifeng Jialan and Debon Logistics to help fight the blue sky

Meifeng Jialan was invited to participate in Debon Logistics' 2019 vehicle urea procurement business negotiation. The two sides reached cooperation in 2019 through technical exchanges and business negotiations. Now the two sides have signed a supply contract. This is the sixth consecutive year of cooperation between Meifeng Jialan and Debon Logistics.
Debon Logistics Debon Logistics
Meifeng Jialan signs supply contract with Debon Logistics Meifeng Jialan signs supply contract with Debon Logistics

Debon Logistics is the leading logistics enterprise in China's logistics industry. It has a large domestic logistics fleet and a complete logistics and transportation network, and is introduced into the IBM management system. With advanced production technology and strict production management system, Meifeng Jialan has been recognized by Debon Logistics, and finally achieved strong cooperation and joined hands to help defend the blue sky.

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