Stone coal machine company's new single-swing cleaning vehicle hit the market

Recently, the newly developed single-engine cleaning vehicle from Suizhong Equipment Stone Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. was put on the market and received favorable comments. Compared with ordinary twin-motor cleaning vehicles, this vehicle has eliminated the auxiliary engine and has a larger clean water tank capacity. Longer working hours, higher work efficiency, stronger suction capacity, lower noise emission, lower operating and maintenance costs, etc. The product is energy-saving, environmental-friendly, advanced technology, and is at the leading level in the industry.

New Single Washer

After technicians have tracked and tested the actual usage, the new single-engine washing vehicle exhaust can be reduced by more than 50%; operating costs can be saved by more than 20%; maintenance costs can be reduced by more than 40%; effective working time can be extended by 20% . At the same time, the operational control of the product is integrated with the chassis control, and it has a cruise control function, which significantly improves the comfort of operation and makes the operation more stable and reliable. After the vehicle was put into the market, it was well evaluated and affirmed by the users. The company added a new type of sanitation equipment with industry competitiveness, and the market has broad application prospects.

The single engine sweeper is the company's non-coal product key R&D project this year. The Technical Center Sweeping Machine Research Institute organized elite troops and set up a project commando team. They sacrificed holiday breaks and worked every day until 8:00 pm. Technicians based on on-site services to deal with emergencies in a timely manner, after a month of arduous assembly and debugging, product prototype off the assembly line. After the products are sold, the technical personnel of the Institute track and measure the use of the entire process, and all performances meet the design requirements. Through the concerted efforts of the company's relevant units, the new single-shot sweeper went offline and hit the market, setting a new benchmark in the industry. (This article comes from the stone coal machine Yang Yingmin)

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