Smart manufacturing gives the industry a new energy

Forming a replicable mode focusing on the industrial internet

In 2018, China's intelligent manufacturing development has been comprehensively promoted and achieved remarkable results. CCID thinks that in 2019, China's smart manufacturing will change from “point demonstration” to “face promotion”, and the intelligent manufacturing supply capacity will continue to increase steadily. The industrial Internet platform will become an important focus for enterprises to develop intelligent manufacturing.

Significant development

Recently, CCID thinks that "China's smart manufacturing development situation prospects in 2019" (hereinafter referred to as "Outlook") proposes that China has become the global * big smart manufacturing market in 2018, and the top-level design of intelligent manufacturing has been basically completed, and a number of digital workshops have been initially established. /Factory, explore to form a number of intelligent manufacturing new models that can be replicated and promoted, initially establish an intelligent manufacturing standard system that is synchronized with the international market, cultivate and strengthen a number of intelligent manufacturing system solution providers, and further improve the supply of key hardware and software for intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing The development has achieved remarkable results.

Zuo Shiquan, director of the Sadie Think Tank Equipment Industry Research Institute, said that in 2018 China's smart manufacturing development has entered a stage of comprehensive promotion. The top-level design of intelligent manufacturing has been basically completed, providing a powerful institutional supply for the development of intelligent manufacturing; 208 digital workshops/smart factories have been initially built, covering the top ten fields of China Manufacturing 2025 and 80 industries; exploring the formation of several replicable extensions. Intelligent manufacturing mode; supported 163 intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization projects, initially built about 100 intelligent manufacturing standard test verification platforms, and formulated nearly 600 drafts of national, industry, enterprise and other standards; a group of equipment enterprises, industry Automated vendors, software developers, user companies, etc. accelerate the transition to intelligent manufacturing system solution providers.

Technical level improvement

Recently, under the support of market demand and the national major science and technology special projects, key research and development plans, smart manufacturing special projects and other policies, high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, additive manufacturing equipment, business management systems, industrial control systems and other intelligent manufacturing key technologies Equipment and core industrial software have achieved a series of important breakthroughs. "Outlook" proposes that the distributed control system (DCS) developed by Helix and Zhejiang Zhongkong is widely used in nuclear power, rail transit, petrochemical and other fields. At the same time, China has also cultivated a number of suppliers that can provide intelligent manufacturing system solutions for industry enterprises, such as Petrochemical Yingke, Shenyang Xinsong, Shanghai Baoxin, and Beizi, to meet the development needs of domestic intelligent manufacturing to a certain extent.

Zuo Shiquan believes that with the further advancement of smart manufacturing, the intelligent manufacturing supply capacity will continue to increase steadily. First, accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing has become a consensus. All kinds of social resources such as capital, talents and technology will accelerate to gather in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Second, enterprises will continue to improve their understanding, understanding and attention to intelligent manufacturing, especially small and medium-sized enterprises that pay attention to cost performance. Micro-enterprise, the steep increase in market demand has accelerated the improvement of smart manufacturing supply capacity. Third, the complex international environment and increasingly fierce trade friction have forced China's manufacturing industry to upgrade intelligently and expand domestic demand, further develop independent technological innovation and enhance independent intellectual property rights. Strength, the overall market environment forced China's intelligent manufacturing key technology equipment, core industrial software and system solutions to further enhance the independent supply capacity.

Create a "nerve center"

CCID thinks that in 2019, China's smart manufacturing development will change from “point demonstration” to “face promotion”, and the intelligent manufacturing supply capacity will continue to increase steadily. The industrial internet platform has become an important focus for large enterprises to develop intelligent manufacturing. The intelligent transformation accelerated and the standard system was accelerated. First, on the basis of carrying out individual projects and individual enterprise application demonstrations, explore an effective mode of regional development of intelligent manufacturing, promote the transformation and upgrading of regional manufacturing with the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, and accelerate the formation of new kinetic energy for industrial development. Second, the basic conditions are good. The industries with urgent needs are promoted to almost all areas of the manufacturing industry, and the overall competitiveness of the industry is enhanced through intelligent manufacturing. Third, the leading enterprises expand to the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and the whole industry chain is realized through intelligent manufacturing.

Zuo Shiquan said that the industrial Internet platform has become an important focus for large enterprises to develop intelligent manufacturing. At present, large enterprises pay great attention to the construction of digital workshops/smart factories. The industrial Internet platform, as one of the important infrastructures of digital workshops/smart factories, plays a similar role as a “neural center” in intelligent manufacturing, and can be used across departments and enterprises. Inter-regional interconnection, collection, aggregation, mining of massive data, resource optimization configuration, intelligent decision support, business model innovation. In order to build a competitive advantage in the field of intelligent manufacturing, relevant large enterprises have laid out the construction of an industrial Internet platform. For example, Alibaba Cloud built the ET industrial brain to help enterprises realize key process intelligence and production process optimization control; Sany Heavy Industry established Shugen Internet Company to build “root cloud” platform for energy equipment, engineering machinery, textile equipment, etc. The equipment products provide full lifecycle management services; Haier Group has built the COSMOPlat platform to provide large-scale customized solutions for the majority of SMEs. In the petrochemical industry, the Industrial Internet Platform provides innovative solutions to petrochemical companies in terms of safety management, employee empowerment, and equipment management.

Zuo Shiquan said that the strategic position of the industrial Internet platform in the process of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading is becoming increasingly prominent. Large enterprises have strong talents, technology and capital strength. They can quickly deploy industrial Internet platforms through self-research or introduction of advanced technologies. In 2019, relevant large enterprises will increase their investment in industrial Internet platforms, and market competition will become more intense.

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