Safety procedures for separation arm and vertical jacks

1. Fill the pump tank with oil. Take out the hand pressure pump, first unscrew the oil return handle, then unscrew the exhaust valve, and inject 20# mechanical oil from the screw hole of the exhaust valve. The oil injection amount is about 4/5 of the volume of the fuel tank. 2. Hand pump oil drain gas. Remove the dust cap on the quick-change coupling sleeve, open the check valve in the joint sleeve, tighten the oil return handle, pull the hand pressure pump out of the lock handle collar and press it up and down, the piston starts to oil, until the high-pressure rubber The hose is filled with oil and the gas is completely exhausted. 3. Connect the hand pump, high pressure rubber hose, and jack to position the hand pump at a higher point. Tighten the oil return handle and press the handle of the pump up and down to raise the boom of the jack by 15 cm (no load). Loosen the oil return handle and lower the boom. This operation was repeated 10 times to allow the gas in the piping system to be sufficiently discharged. 4. Connect the hand pump, high pressure rubber tube and jack mechanism. Remove the dust cap from the quick connector body and the high-pressure rubber hose connector sleeve, and rotate the safety nut backward until it comes into contact with the spring retainer ring, slide the sliding sleeve backwards, and insert the connector sleeve into the connector body. Reset the sliding sleeve, pull it hard, no slipping phenomenon, and then screw the safety nut forward two times. 5. Place the connected jack mechanism under the lifting object and straighten the high-pressure rubber hose (to avoid bending or knotting), the operator can carry out within 5 meters from the lifting object. operating.

6. Open the inlet and exhaust valves on the hand pump tank, tighten the oil return handle, pull out the telescopic support, pull out the oil pump handle and push up and down to raise the boom mechanism boom. 7. After the lifting task is finished, open the shut-off valve on the jack mechanism, slowly unscrew the hand pump return oil handle, and the jack mechanism will automatically return to the original position. Then remove the high-pressure rubber hose, close the exhaust valve, push the telescopic support, and tighten the fixing screws. 8. If multiple jacks are required for relay operation, after the jack mechanism is lifted to the desired height, lock the shut-off valve, remove the joint sleeve of the high-pressure rubber hose and the jack mechanism, and connect quickly. The lifting operation can be continued on the quick-change coupling body of the other prepared jack mechanism. 9. When lifting heavy objects, the foundation must be solid, otherwise it should be covered with stones or planks. 10. Only press the hand pump back to the oil handle to tighten the lifting. 11. When the load is applied, if the boom mechanism is to be reset, the oil return handle should not be loosened too fast, so as to prevent the oil from escaping in the fuel tank. 12. After the jack lifts the weight, the quick coupler can only be removed with the shut-off valve locked. It is strictly forbidden to remove the quick connector when opening the stop valve jack. 13. When the jack is working, if the quick connector does not collide with the ground or other obstacles, the limit nut can be retracted to the end. Each time the quick connector is assembled and disassembled, only the sliding sleeve must be slid. The joint sleeve can be inserted into the joint body; when the joint sleeve is removed, only the sliding sleeve can be finished after sliding). If the jack is working, the quick connector may touch the ground or other obstacles. To ensure the reliability of the work, after inserting the joint sleeve into the joint body, the limit nut must be screwed forward two times; before disassembly , you must also rotate the limit nut two turns backwards.

14. Before lifting, the gas in the pipeline must be fully discharged, and the quick joint must not leak oil, so as not to affect the working efficiency of the pump. 15. When lifting, avoid overloading. Care should be taken to observe the position of the color marking line of the maximum lifting height on the jack mechanism. Once the white line on the boom is exposed, stop lifting immediately. 16. Newly purchased hydraulic jacks must be pressure tested according to their rated capacity before use. The main parts shall not be permanently deformed at the rated lifting capacity and lifting height specified on the label. After the heavy object stays for 15 minutes, the boom should not fall more than 2 mm. When the system oil pressure is 50 MPa, the oil leakage is not allowed in all parts. 17. This jack is not suitable for use in places where acid and alkali and corrosive gases are present. The ambient temperature is preferably -35~ + 45 °C. Avoid high temperatures when storing.

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