Rolling mill welding material selection material selection process and processing method thereof

Roller surface welding of the roller crusher not only affects the service life of the equipment but also has a great influence on the discharge effect. Here is a brief introduction to the welding method and the welding should be paid attention to when welding the roller.

The above picture shows the roller crusher to the roller

It is best to use manual arc welding for the roll surface of the roller crusher. The surfacing is applied to the roll surface of the roller crusher. The company has achieved the effect of 10 months of service life and 150,000 tons of broken clinker. The main points of surfacing are as follows:

The first is the selection of the electrode: D-65, D-667 and 506 electrodes should be selected. Before welding, according to the instructions for the electrode, the electrode is dried and placed in the incubator for use. When surfacing, three shifts are required, and the rest of the weld is not stopped, so that the weldment maintains a relatively high temperature for a long time.

Second, the voltage should be a DC or a 20 kVA or more AC welding machine with a power of 10 kVA or more. Use a DC welder to reverse the connection (the electrode is connected to the positive electrode). When surfacing, the AC welding machine requires no-load voltage ≥70V, and the current should be about 200A. If the no-load voltage is lower than 70V, increase the current, which is based on the full fusion of the electrode and the base metal. The ratio of the width of the weld bead to the height is preferably 3:1. This is truly solidified with the base metal to form the desired wear-resistant structure.

Third, the order and thickness of the surfacing: After the roll surface is preheated, it is necessary to first weld 1-3 layers with 506 electrodes and find the round. Then several layers of D-667 are evenly deposited to achieve the desired thickness. After the D-667 welding layer is surfacing, a layer of D-65 is deposited and the thickness of the surfacing is 3-5mm. After the D-65 welding layer is surfacing, a layered pattern is welded with D-65. (The roll surface wear must have both the pressure and the relative sliding force required to pulverize the material. The pressure is determined by the nature of the material and is usually difficult to change. The roll pattern is used to reduce the amount of the material during the extrusion process. The relative sliding of the surface is easier. Although the herringbone pattern used in the early stage of the country can prevent the circumferential sliding of the material, it does not restrict the axial sliding of the material during the extrusion process, especially when the material with small particles is squeezed. The wear is more serious. Compared with this, the roll surface with a ridged pattern and a hard point in the middle has the best wear resistance.) The side length of the ridge pattern is 4-5cm, and the width of the weld bead is about 1cm. The height is about 4mm. The thickness of each wear layer should be uniform so that the squeeze roll will remain round forever during use.

There are also important roll surface treatments: roll surface repair can be divided into two methods: partial direct repair welding and overall repair after integral cleaning. It can also be said to be two processes. Non-uniform wear and pattern along the width of the roll, uneven wear of hard spots and overall wear of the roll surface can be directly repaired by local repair method; after 5-6 direct repairs, the mother repeatedly withstands high Extrusion stress, welding micro-cracks continue to expand, the surface of the grinding roller will produce a certain thickness of fatigue layer. At this time, if the wear-resistant repairing electrode is directly repaired by welding, it is easy to cause interlayer detachment, so it is necessary to thoroughly fatigue the surface of the grinding roller. After the cleaning, the wear layer is surfacing. The repair of the roll surface is repaired after the overall cleaning. Whether it is direct repair welding or integral cleaning after repair, the roundness error of the grinding roller and the error of the diameter of the two rollers should not be too large, otherwise the horizontal vibration of the roller press and the uneven load of the two grinding rollers will increase. Clean the fatigue layer of the roller surface, and clean it with carbon arc gouging. The fatigue layer of the roller surface should be cleaned to expose the roller to the base material layer. Before surfacing, the electrode shall be dried according to the instructions for use of the electrode, and the weldment shall be preheated and slowly cooled after welding.

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