Primary coil current regulation principle of LC switch of AC switch

Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) technology transfers power from a power supply to a power load in a non-contact manner. It has the advantages of safety, reliability, and flexible power supply. It has become a research focus at home and abroad in recent years [1 2]. With the increasing shortage of global oil fuel and the continuous deterioration of the natural environment, electric vehicles have been vigorously promoted by countries around the world. However, the charging problem has become the biggest issue that limits the development of electric vehicles [3].

The application of inductive power transmission technology to electric vehicles has attracted more and more attention from domestic and foreign research institutions [4]. At present, the traditional static wireless charging technology has disadvantages such as short cruising range, heavy and expensive battery packs, frequent charging and the like when applied to an electric vehicle. Therefore, in this context, the dynamic wireless power supply technology of electric vehicles is used by people. Proposed [5], this technology ensures that the electric vehicle is provided with energy in real time during the driving process, which reduces the number of electric vehicle battery packs and improves the mileage of the electric vehicle, which promotes the marketization of electric vehicles.

In order to realize the dynamic power supply of electric vehicles, there is a long-term IPT power supply coil scheme [6-7], but this will certainly increase the power loss and reduce the power transmission efficiency. Also, when a longer primary power supply coil is used, the secondary power pick-up coil cannot completely cover the primary power supply coil range, resulting in electromagnetic leakage [8]. Therefore, the use of subsection rail power supply is a more reasonable and effective method.

At present, domestic and foreign companies have conducted preliminary research on IPT segmented power supply technology, and have mainly focused on power supply coil switching modes [9-10] and power supply coil switching methods [11-12].

This paper focuses on the single-rail dynamic power supply for single-inverter power supply and multi-primary LCL coils [13]. However, when using this segmented rail power supply, there is a problem that when the electric vehicle is still coupled with the first LCL primary coil, all the remaining LCL primary coils are energized and there is a large primary coil current. This brings about system power loss and large electromagnetic radiation.

At the same time, if the coils are removed directly in series with the LCL coil loops in parallel, a large switching force will be brought. Therefore, an LC network with an AC switch is proposed. By adjusting the on and off of the AC switch, the current of the primary coil is reduced, thereby reducing the power loss of the system and reducing the electromagnetic radiation, and the inverter works in a soft-switching state.

in conclusion

In this paper, we mainly study the problem of single-rail power supply and multi-primary LCL coils connected in parallel. The proposed LC network contains AC switches. By adjusting the on-off of the AC switch, the current of the primary coil can be reduced and the system power can be reduced. Loss, reduce the purpose of electromagnetic radiation.

Firstly, the resonant compensation topology of LCL-S is analyzed, and the topology has the advantage that the output current of the primary coil is constant. Then, the primary coil current regulation principle of the LC network with AC switch is introduced, and the detailed formula deduction is performed. Finally, the LCL-S IPT experimental system was built to simulate the charging process of the electric vehicle. Experiments have shown that when the AC switch is closed, the primary coil current can be effectively reduced, and the purpose of reducing system power loss and reducing electromagnetic radiation can be achieved.

In this paper, the secondary coil is slowly moved into and away from the primary coil from a distance to simulate the process of entering, charging, and moving away from a remote location. Only a primary coil is built to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method. Multiple LCL primary coils are built in parallel to simulate the complete segmented guide rails for charging the electric vehicle.

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