Postbed Double Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine for Leather Bag Wig

  • Model NO.: Xs0030
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Color: as Picture Showed
  • Mechanical Configuration: Post Bed
  • Machine: Double Needle Postbed Lockstitch Sewing Machine
  • Classification: Sewing Machine
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Nailcatcher Machine Stitch: Pending
  • Trademark: SOGU
  • Specification: FREE FUMIGATION
  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Strobel Sewing Machine of Sogu
  • Double Needle: White
  • Stitching Length: 5mm
  • Stitch: Double Needle Lockstitch
  • Type: Shoes
  • Over-Lock Stitch: Pending
  • Buttonholing Machine Type: Pending
  • Transport Package: Wooden Case
  • Origin: Zhejiagn, Wenzhou
Name: Double Needle Postbed Lockstitch Leather Bag Wig Sewing Machine
1. this sewing machine is suitable for double needle lockstitch sewing. 
2. suitable for thin and thick material.

·  Excellent sewing effects and first class quality thank to vertical fotating hook and link take-up lever.Lockstitch with drop feed can promise a smooth sewing quality on either thin or thick materials.Easily adujustable stitch length variation.Backtacking only with gentle press on the backtacking bar,convenient operation.
·  Double needle;Easy guiding of work when sewing on closed shoe uppers,e.g.childrens,because the post is arranged to the right of the needle.change the roller pressure foot accessories into the flat pressure foot accessories,could stitch the cap and wig. Suitable for sports shoes,ladies shoes,jackboots,bags,caps,wigs,......etc.

Mechanical Configuration



lock stitch

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