MIT develops diamond-based quantum sensors

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] MIT researchers pioneered the creation of diamond-based quantum sensors on silicon. The team believes that this technology will cost-effectively manufacture scalable hardware that will be used for quantum computing, sensing and communications in the future. This technological breakthrough takes advantage of the so-called “nitrogen vacancy (NV) center”.
The NV center of the diamond is an electronic defect that can be manipulated by light and microwave. In response to this manipulation, they emit color images that carry quantum information about the surrounding magnetic and electric fields. These data can be used for biosensing, neuroimaging, target detection, and other sensing applications.
The team pointed out that traditional NV sensors are the size of a kitchen table and require other large components, limiting the practicality and flexibility of the sensor. The MIT team has developed how to integrate components including microwave generators, filters, and photodetectors into millimeter-scale packages using traditional semiconductor fabrication techniques.
The sensor operates at room temperature and senses direction and magnetic field strength. The team was able to use this sensor to measure frequency changes at the atomic scale. This data may contain information about the environment. The researchers say that by further refinement, the sensor can be used in other areas, including drawing electrical pulse patterns in the brain and detecting objects in the dark.

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