[Meter's Latest Patent] A meter for gas and water

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today we introduce a national patent for invention—a meter for gas and water. The patent was applied for by Jinan Ruiquan Electronics Co., Ltd. and was authorized to be announced on August 24, 2016.

Description of the invention The present invention relates to a meter, in particular to a meter for gas and water.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION In the current technology, gas, water, electricity meters and the like all have the function of direct reading and remote transmission, and it is no longer necessary for the meter reader to perform manual meter reading. Only the sensors installed on the meter can be transmitted far into the computer.

The meter is usually used for measuring the flow rate of gas, liquid, electricity, etc. The working principle is that gas, liquid, and dielectric are used to detect the flow device inside the meter, the flow device is detected to drive the transmission device, and the drive device drives the reading disk to rotate. When the code is set on the reading plate, the amount of rotation on the reading plate is reflected by the word code. However, due to restrictions on the installation conditions of water meters or gas meters, many launch tube trays cannot achieve a 360-degree circumference. Furthermore, the number of receiving tubes required is too many, and the accepting tube unit price is expensive, resulting in great waste.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to make up for the deficiencies of the prior art, the present invention provides a meter for gas and water that is low in cost, easy to manufacture and install, has high reading accuracy, and has a long service life.

The present invention is achieved through the following technical solutions: The invention has a meter for gas and water, comprising a housing, a bracket is mounted on the lower side of the housing, characterized in that the bracket is equipped with a flexible board A plurality of transmitting tubes are mounted on the flexible plate, hollow shafts are installed on the lower part of the flexible plate, printed plates are arranged in the hollow shaft, and a plurality of receiving tubes are arranged on the printing plate, and each receiving tube is respectively launched into a corresponding column. Each tube is correspondingly provided with a character wheel outside each receiving tube. Transparent grooves are provided on both sides of the character wheel, and black stripes are placed in the transparent grooves.

The figure is a schematic structural view of the present invention

The launch tube described in the invention consists of one row of three and one row of two, and there are four groups in total. The launch tubes 4 can also be composed of 3 to 8 groups or a group of five.

A specific embodiment of the present invention includes a housing 1, a bracket 2 is mounted on the lower side of the housing 1, a flexible plate 3 is mounted on the bracket 2, and a plurality of sets of transmitting tubes 4 are mounted on the flexible plate 3; 3 The lower part is installed with a hollow shaft 5, a hollow plate 5 is provided with a printed board 6, a plurality of receiving pipes 7 are arranged on the printed board 6, and each receiving pipe 7 is respectively corresponding to a corresponding one of the transmitting pipes 4, each receiving pipe 7 The outside is respectively provided with a character wheel 8 correspondingly, and a transparent groove 9 is disposed on both sides of the character wheel 8 respectively, and a black stripe 10 is disposed inside the transparent groove 9 . The launch tube 4 consists of one row of three and one row of two, a total of four groups. The launch tubes 4 may also constitute 3 to 8 groups. The launch tube 4 can also consist of a list of five groups.

With the meter for gas and water according to the present invention, the flexible plate 3 can be applied to the installation of the launch tube 4 which does not allow the use of an arc of 180° or more, and the gas or water will flow when used, and the flow-carrying word The wheel 8 rotates, and each set of launch tubes 4 is emitted to the corresponding receiving tube 7 and transmits a signal through the transparent groove 9, and the black strip 10 is placed in the transparent groove 9, and after a certain angle of rotation, the signal emitted by the launch tube 4 passes through The transparent groove 9 may be passed through the receiving tube 7 and may also be blocked by the black strip 10, so that a code can be received by the receiving tube 7 according to whether each transmitting tube 4 transmits a signal, and the five transmitting tubes 4 are respectively separated. The transmitted code is the number in this digit, each group represents a digit, and the value displayed at any time can be read. Here, when the transmitting tube 4 transmits, the receiving tube 7 can receive the obtained code, and the principle of the number read by the five codes is omitted. In this way, the launch tube 4 is mounted on a small-angle curved plate, ie, the flexible plate 3, so that the problem that the arc-shaped launch tube 4 of 180° or more cannot be installed when conditions are limited is avoided. In addition, each set of transmitting tubes 4 corresponds to two receiving tubes 7, and only 8 receiving tubes 7 are required. In the prior art, a total of 40 receiving tubes 7 and transmitting tubes 4 are required, and each receiving tube 7 is 1.3 yuan. The table has saved more than 40 yuan and the cost has been greatly reduced.

The beneficial effects of the present invention are that the gas meter and the water meter can be installed in any space, the cost is low, the production and installation are simple, the reading accuracy is high, the service life is long, and great contribution is made to the gas and water consumption measurement.

For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.

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