Jichai 260 engine to carry out ship field test

Recently, I learned from the China National Petroleum Corporation Jichai Power Plant that on July 5th, the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the Secretary of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee, Mr. Rong Rongzhu and his party went to the construction site of the key project of Ji Chai to check the progress of the project and understand the development plan of the enterprise. Chai accelerated the development of high-power engines and made new contributions to the new situation of the provincial capital Jinan modernization.
At the project site, Jiang Xiaoxing, director of the Jichai General Factory and party secretary, reported to the company that the investment, progress, production and sales scale of the project and the “12th Five-Year” development plan of the company were reported in detail. After learning about the key projects under construction, Ji Chai will be very happy after the scale of 2015 will reach 15 billion yuan. He is very happy with Jichai’s insistence on the rapid integration of enterprises with continuous innovation, transformation and upgrading. The operational situation and broad development prospects have been fully affirmed.
Zhai Rongzhu also visited the 140 and 260 new engines with great interest. He carefully inquired about the indicators, uses and market prospects of the products. When he learned that the 140 engine could be used as a heavy truck power, he said happily that Ji Chai could cooperate with Jinan's heavy-duty automobile manufacturing enterprises to promote the industrialization of products. He also paid great attention to the 260 and 320 high-power engines. When he learned that the 260 engine had been conducting industrial tests in the marine field, he pointed out that China's marine ship market has great potential, and the 260 engine is a reliable ship power. It must not only meet the needs of engineering ships, ocean shipping vessels, etc., but also fully serve the national defense construction.
During the investigation, Zhai Rongzhu expressed his appreciation to Jichai for giving full play to the important achievements of independent innovation. He hopes that Jichai will seize the opportunity, give full play to its advantages, and take a long-term view. On the basis of the 260 and 320 engines, accelerate the development of high-power, multi-fuel engines, products at the level and comprehensive indicators. It is necessary to walk in the forefront of the industry. At the same time, we hope that Jichai will accelerate its development into a large enterprise with core technology and well-known brands and strong international competitiveness, and make new contributions to the creation of a new situation in the modernization of the provincial capital.

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