Jiashan organizes a food drying center safety production training course

In order to further strengthen the supervision of agricultural machinery safety production, prevent and reduce the occurrence of agricultural machinery accidents, eliminate serious accidents, safeguard the lives and property of the people, and maintain social harmony and stability. On April 24, Zhejiang Jiashan County in the county agricultural machinery comprehensive service building multimedia training classroom The food drying center safety management and operation training courses were held. More than 30 specific safety administrators and specific operation staff of the grain drying centers in the county participated in the training.

The training class will explain the type, basic structure and working principle of the grain dryer, use and operation, machine safety, routine maintenance, common fault diagnosis and elimination, and the selection and future development trend of the dryer. Common troubleshooting methods for the machine.

Through training and learning, the staff of the Grain Drying Center can correctly master the use technology of the grain dryer, improve the maintenance skills and common troubleshooting of the dryer, effectively prevent the hidden dangers of agricultural machinery accidents, and further improve the disaster prevention capacity of grain production in the future. The whole process of mechanization of grain production lays the foundation.

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Dough Mixer

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