Jiangsu Science and Technology Institute AQSIQ Scientific and Technological Plan Project Accepted

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] On March 14th, the AQSIQ scientific and technological plan project undertaken by the Jiangsu Academy of Metrology Science and Technology “Development of Automatic Weigher Type Evaluation and Detection System” and “Handheld Electronic Price Scale Anti-Cheat Supervision System” Successfully passed the inspection and acceptance by experts and further demonstrated the scientific research capabilities of the Jiangsu Academy of Metrology.

The picture shows acceptance site
The acceptance committee composed of 7 experts from the China Academy of Metrology, China Weighing Instrument Association, and China Test Technology Research Institute, etc., listened to the project work report and watched the live demonstration. After consultation and discussion, they agreed that the Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Metrology The submitted acceptance data is complete and the objectives of the project task book have been fulfilled, which meets the acceptance requirements for science and technology projects. The acceptance committee agreed to pass the acceptance and highly evaluate the two science and technology plan projects.
The “Automatic Weigher Type Evaluation and Detection System Development” project has for the first time proposed and adopted advanced technologies such as dynamic automatic quantitative control, belt running status parameter measurement and control, automatic measurement and control of experimental data, and remote transmission and monitoring of experimental conditions, and developed the most complete experimental bandwidth (400mm~ The continuous cumulative automatic weighing (belt scale) detection system with 2400mm), the highest accuracy level (0.2 class) and the largest experimental flow rate (7200t/h) fills the international gap and prompts OIML R50 "continuously accumulating automatic weighing instrument (belt scale) The highest level of accuracy in the international recommendations has been raised from 0.5 to 0.2. The research and development of the belt tension and horizontal force, belt slot angle, roller bounce and turbulence and other influencing factors of the measurement and control technology, to achieve the simulation of the belt weigher on-site conditions, established the only international continuous automatic weighing instrument (belt Scales) Perform a full-performance experimental system including durability testing, and the overall technical level leads the world.
The “Handheld Electronic Valuation Scale Anti-Cheat Supervision and Detection System” project is based on Android software development technology. It embeds an independently developed program segment check code special algorithm function module in the main control unit of the electronic pricing scale and uses a 128-bit random password to encrypt and receive the electronic data. Valuation scale verification code, using data encryption, Bluetooth communication, Internet data exchange, server database management and other advanced technologies, effective monitoring of electronic pricing scale software, is a domestic initiative, the electronic balance of the use of trade settlement test set detection and The integration of supervision and management provides reliable technical support for the convenient detection of cheating software.
(Original Title: Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Metrology Acceditation of Two AQSIQ Scientific and Technological Projects Accepted)

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