Ito power generator electronic governor adjustment method

The generator sets produced by our company are equipped with mechanical governors for some engines and electronic governors for some. Both types of governors can absolutely guarantee the power quality, but the generator unit equipped with an electronic governor can achieve automatic protection and automatic control is extremely convenient. The electronic governors of diesel generator sets have been adjusted so that users do not have to do this work. However, after the engine is overhauled or the failure of the electronic governor is repaired, adjustments need to be made. The electronic governor control unit is installed in the upper control box of the generator.
A Turn switch C1 to the ON position. If there is a quick ride during the later engine operation, set C2 to the OFF position.
B Turn switch C2 to the ON position.
C Turn the "gain" (GAN) and "stability" potentiometers to the middle position.
D Temporarily connect terminals L and M together.
Electronic governor

Electronic governor adjustment after start
A After starting the generator set, the engine runs at idle speed (approximately 400 rpm), and the IDLE potentiometer is turned clockwise to increase the idle speed. This potentiometer is single-turn type. Therefore, adjustments should be made carefully and the potentiometer must not be turned to its maximum position.
Warning: Long-term operation at very low speeds can damage the flexible coupling/engine/generator.
B. After knowing that the engine is working properly, remove the L and M terminals and the engine speed has increased to about 1567 rpm.
C Last adjustment.
With the engine idle, turn the gain (GAN) potentiometer clockwise until the engine starts to become unstable. Then return the potentiometer to the engine to work to restore stability, and then continue to return 1/8 laps.
Adjust the stability in the same way as described above (STABILITY)
Note: When adjusting the gain potentiometer, the pre-set engine speed may change, so you should use the SPEED potentiometer to adjust the engine speed to 1567 rpm (52.2Hz on the frequency meter).
After the above-mentioned speed regulation is completed, the load can be added. Under normal circumstances, cold, no-load, these adjustments have a critical point, so it may need to adjust again.
Rotating the gain (GAN) potentiometer clockwise will increase the governor's response to load changes, and counterclockwise will decrease governor reaction speed.
Turning the STABILITY potentiometer clockwise shortens the recovery time of the governor system after a load change, and increases the recovery time counterclockwise.
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