Is there a professional instrument for measuring plant stem flow?

In the process of plant physiologists and agronomists conducting research on rhizome growth, plant transpiration, plant stem flow, plant and soil water potential, and soil improvement, it is often necessary to accurately determine parameters such as plant stem flow. If the whole research process is accelerated, then is there any professional instrument for measuring plant stem flow? The answer is yes, it is the plant stem flow meter, also known as the plant stem flow meter .

The stem flow of plants is a process of rising water in the body driven by plant transpiration. Therefore, for a single plant, transpiration can be replaced by stem flow. Therefore, in the current research on plant transpiration, the sap flow of plants is often determined. To indirectly determine the transpiration of plants. The use of professional instruments - plant stem flow meter can more effectively measure plant stem flow, carry out related plant physiology research and research work.

The plant stem flow meter is a probe type plant stem flow measuring instrument using a heat dissipation probe method (constant heat flow sensor method), which is a method of measuring Sap Flow invented by French scholar Granier after the 1980s. New method. Compared with the traditional detection method, the data collected by the plant stem flow meter is accurate and stable, and the data can be continuously and continuously read, so the data is systematic and can provide more information for subsequent analysis and research. According to this, it can provide a scientific basis for the regulation of plant growth environment and water-saving irrigation.

At present, with the rapid development of agroforestry, the exploration and research of agricultural and forestry plants are becoming more and more in-depth, and in order to assist plant physiologists and agronomists to carry out relevant scientific research work, we need to equip them with professional testing and analysis instruments. The application of plant physiological instruments such as plant stem flow meter provides support for professionals to carry out professional testing, obtain accurate and effective scientific data, and plays an important positive role in promoting the development of related industries.

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