Investigate Transgenic Seeds Using Transgenic Test Paper

The risk of genetically modified crop seeds has always been questionable in the agricultural sector. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of agricultural production, the circulation and application of genetically modified seeds must be strictly controlled, but individual seed companies are subject to the trend of interest in illegally introducing or producing genetically modified seeds. The use of “anti-insect pest” and “herbicide-resisting” signs to sell to farmers led to the proliferation of genetically modified crops. This behavior not only seriously damaged the immediate interests of farmers, but also brought serious hidden dangers to food production security. When GM seeds are rigorously investigated, the Ministry of Agriculture recommends using GM test papers for testing.

Transgenic test paper

Strengthening genetic testing is an important measure to prevent the proliferation of transgenic seeds and ensure the safety of genetically modified rice, genetically modified corn and other staple foods. Whether it is the detection of genetically modified seeds or the monitoring and inspection of genetically modified crops, effective and accurate genetic testing equipment and good detection technologies are required to support them. Genetically modified test paper is one of the representative products. The product is not only low-cost, but also has fast detection speed, high efficiency, and wide application range. Vigorously promoting and using transgenic test paper can significantly expand the detection range and detection frequency of transgenic seeds in the agricultural field, and strictly investigate violations such as genetically modified seeds. Security escort.

As the saying goes, people are the center of the country, food is the basis of the people, and food is safe. As long as it involves food safety, it is not a trivial matter. Whether or not the current transgene can benefit humanity and serve agricultural development has great uncertainty. Only after repeated verification can it be promoted without detailed information. Before we can understand clearly, it must be strictly regulated. The comprehensive, rapid, simple and economical professional genetic testing test strips of genetically modified test paper are in line with the current strict investigation of genetically modified seeds and the need to enhance the detection of genetically modified seed crops. They can be used by seed companies, food production and processing companies, testing organizations, and research. The hospital provides professional testing services to ensure the healthy and stable development of China's agriculture.

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