Introduction to the structure type of impact crusher

The selective crushing capacity of the impact crusher on the material during the impact process makes it more cavitation-crushed product content than other types of crushers, and at the same time has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, which simplifies the crushing process. It has been rapidly developed in the crushing industry and is widely used in various related industries.

First, impact crusher

The so-called impact crushing refers to the object being struck in a free state, and is selectively broken and broken along its weak parts such as natural cracks, bedding planes, joint surfaces, etc. (as shown in Figure 3). It is different from the hammering and crushing medium in the restrained state, and is different from other shearing, pressing and grinding crushing, so it has the lowest energy consumption during the crushing process, and because of its selective crushing ability. Separating useful minerals into monomers allows for more cuboid products.

The impact crusher using the impact principle uses a high-speed rotary hammer to impact the material of the crushing chamber at high speed, causing the material to be crushed and impacted, and the block after impact is rushed to the counter-attack plate at high speed. After the impact crushing again, the above-mentioned crushing process is repeated from the counterattack plate back to the hammer strike zone, and at the same time, the material has a collision impact between the hammerhead and the counterattack plate. When the particle size of the crushed material is smaller than the gap between the hammer head and the counterattack plate, it is discharged from the lower part of the machine to be the crushed product.

The crushing energy is different for materials of different grain sizes, and the smaller the material, the more energy it needs to break due to the gradual reduction of internal defects. According to the relationship between energy and line speed: A = mra.

With the improvement of mining capacity, the size of the block after mining is increasing, and the single-rotor impact crusher limits the increase of the feed size due to its structural rationality and so on. Therefore, the double-rotor impact crusher has been developed. In order to improve the function of the second rotor, a double-rotor impact crusher with a height difference setting was developed. According to the relationship between hammer wear and energy consumption and rotor linear speed, the first material was coarsely crushed at a lower speed. The second rotor smashes the material at a higher speed, increasing the crushing ratio.

The vertical impact crusher is representative of the impact crusher used in the fine crushing of materials. We know that the wear of the hammer head increases non-linearly with the increase of the linear speed of the hammer head. When the hammer is used, the line speed of the hammer head is very high, and the relatively light weight material cannot enter the effective strike zone of the high-speed rotary hammer head ( It is in the range of the highest line speed), resulting in a decrease in the crushing effect and an increase in the wear of the hammer. The vertical impact crusher adopts the central feeding mode. The initial material velocity after feeding is close to zero. After being accelerated, it is ejected from the rotor body for impact crushing, which improves the impact crushing effect and reduces the wear of the wearing parts. . This crusher has evolved into two major categories: mechanical and self-lining.

Second, the impact hammer crusher

The impact hammer crusher is mainly composed of four parts: the body, the rotor, the purlin body and the transmission.

Its main function is to support the rotor and the purlin body to break the material and ensure that there is a large enough crushing chamber to fully break the material. In addition, in order to prevent the material from being worn on the inner wall of the machine body, a liner is laid on the inner wall of the body which is easy to wear. The counterattack should be able to be opened to the proper position (the opening and closing of the small-sized machine counter-attack plate is completed by the crane, and the large-size machine is completed by the hydraulic system), which is convenient for replacing the counter-liner and other liners. The hammer head can be replaced after opening the access cover. In addition, opening the access door removes the stringer from the replacement stringer. Open the observation door to check the gap between the hammer and the stringer and the wear of the hammer.

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