In the future, the vacuum packaging machine will take the green style and keep pace with the times.

With the rapid development of the food industry, vacuum packaging has come into our lives and brought with it a lot of convenience and speed. Vacuum packaging machines have also become “worthless” and have played a significant role in the packaging industry. Today's packaging forms are various and the forms of storage are different. Among them, the preservation function has become a requirement of more and more consumers. Vacuum packaging can be deoxidized to help prevent food spoilage and is welcomed by food companies. The emergence of vacuum packaging machines has injected new vitality into the food industry in China and has become a leading player in packaging machinery products.

Vacuum packaging machine industry: Innovation and development is one of the most effective means of competition. The packaging of commodities in our lives is the most common and widespread. Due to the industry differences, the requirements for commodity packaging are also changeable. In daily life, commodity packaging is divided into many types according to the form of packaging: vacuum packaging, pillow packaging, and a common packaging of puffed foods. The packaging bag is filled with a certain amount of nitrogen. The more popular packaging in these packagings is vacuum packaging. The application scope of vacuum packaging is also very extensive. The universal application of vacuum packaging machines in the food market, especially the packaging of meat products. The food industry is undoubtedly a very strong economic part of the world, with high investment. Therefore, the food packaging industry is a considerable market. This industry is the largest buyer of vacuum packaging machinery, with a share of nearly 70%, followed by electronic products such as ICs, chips, circuit boards, etc. The purchase volume of this industry accounts for 20% of the purchase volume of vacuum packaging machinery.

Faced with the large demand for vacuum packaging machines in the food industry and the intensification of market competition, innovation and development are undoubtedly one of the most effective means of competition. To make innovations in the vacuum packaging machine technology, the vacuum packaging machine can automatically extract the air inside the packaging bag and reach the predetermined vacuum level to complete the sealing process. It can also be recharged with nitrogen or other gas mixture and then complete the sealing process. In the process of work, the degree of vacuum in the packaging bag is the key point. If the vacuum degree of the product cannot be satisfied, then the product packaging is unqualified. During the production process, the safe use of vacuum packaging machines is also a key issue. Understanding the safe use of vacuum packaging machines can deepen the understanding of vacuum packaging machines and help them innovate.

China's packaging machinery market has gradually developed and the vacuum packaging machine is an important packaging machine in the market, so the innovation of the vacuum packaging machine also has a driving effect on its application market.

One of the key points in the industry upgrade: vacuum packaging machine go green style

According to Jin Xiangzuo, president of the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization, China must become a truly global packaging industry center and promote industrial cluster development and technological advancement. It must improve China's right to speak and rules in the world packaging industry.

At present, China is planning to build a “world packaging industry center” and build key bases such as world headquarters, military-civilian integration development, science and education development, trade logistics, cultural creativity, packaging equipment, new packaging materials, and processing and packaging of agricultural products. Implement 18 key projects such as the World Bank Institute, World University, high-end packaging products, advanced packaging equipment, and new packaging materials.

In recent years, the main topic of “green packaging” has become the subject of in-depth discussion in the packaging industry. As a populous country, China has a relatively large consumer population. The circulation of various products is rapid. All kinds of products need to go through certain packaging.

It is understood that at present, the volume of packaging waste in large and medium-sized cities in China accounts for nearly one-half and one-third of the total volume of municipal solid waste. It has become important and urgent to implement green packaging and reduce the pollution caused by packaging materials. Question. Therefore, the continuous development of vacuum packaging machines is overwhelming. Because vacuum packaging is a sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging, it is also a form of packaging that the country is more advocating.

Therefore, various packaging equipment companies should also seize this opportunity, pay attention to technological R&D and innovation, and optimize the corporate chain. Now is the era of the explosion of knowledge science and technology. Only by focusing on standardization and developing environmentally friendly products can we keep pace with the times and meet the market. Needs.

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