Impact pressure related terminology

Impact pressure related terminology

[Protocols] Article 225 provisions coal laminated impact phenomena occurring within the mine Ida through the range, or having an impact identified seam (top or a bottom slate layer) having a propensity to impact and risk evaluation The coal seam is an impact pressure coal seam. Mines with impacted coal seams are impact ground pressure mines.

Article 227 In mining coal seams with an impact tendency, impact risk assessment must be carried out.

[Execution Description] Impact ground pressure (impact rock pressure, rock burst) refers to the coal rock mass around the well or working face. Under the mining disturbance, the dynamic phenomenon of sudden and severe damage is caused by the instantaneous release of elastic energy. It is accompanied by the phenomenon of coal rock mass throwing, loud noise, and air waves.

Impact tendency refers to the natural property of whether the coal and rock mass can impact the ground pressure, which can be identified by laboratory tests.

Impact risk refers to the possibility and danger degree of impact rock pressure on coal rock mass, which is affected by mine geological factors and mining conditions. The impact risk assessment results are divided into four levels: non-hazardous, weak, medium and strong.

The definition of impact ground pressure coal seam and impact ground pressure mine is the basis and premise of prevention and control of impact ground pressure. If the mine has experienced impact pressure, it is directly identified as an impact ground pressure mine. The coal seam of the mine or its top and bottom rock formations have been tested and identified as having an impact tendency, and the coal seams have been evaluated as impact coal seams.

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