Huangshaping Lead-Zinc Mine Concentrator (1)

The plant in 1963 designed by Changsha Nonferrous Metallurgy Design and Research Institute, commissioned in 1967, the design capacity of 1000t / d, 1978 it was expanded to 1500 t / d.
(1) The nature of the ore: Ores processing plant belonging carbonates fissure filling deposit account. Lead zinc mineral complex species, metallic minerals galena, sphalerite, copper ore, pyrite, marcasite followed by a small amount, arsenopyrite, pyrrhotite, tetrahedrite tin ore, also associated there bismuthinite, molybdenite, gray silver ore and scattered elements gallium, indium, germanium, cadmium and the like. Gangue minerals are calcite, quartz, dolomite followed, sericite, chlorite and fluorite. The amount of galena in the deposit gradually decreased from top to bottom, and the sphalerite gradually increased. Most of the lead-zinc mines are primary ore, and only a small amount of oxidized ore is present in the upper part of the southern mining area. The ore structure is relatively complex, with dense block, dip-like, breccia, fine veins and strips, among which is dense. The granule size of galena, pyrite and sphalerite is generally 0.2~0.1mm. The ore density is 3.8t/m 3 , the loose density (less than 18mm) is 2.18t/m 3 , the hardness is 4~6. The surrounding rock density is 1.8t/m 3 , the hardness is 4~6. The raw ore is less than 0.074mm and the content is 5%. 6~8%.
(2) Process flow: three sections and one closed road crushing ore, the ore size is 500mm, and the final crushed product size is less than 18mm. A section of grinding, divided into new and old two series. The main difference:
1) Grinding particle size: the old series is less than 0.074mm65%, and the new series is less than 0.074mm60%. The crushing and sieving and grinding grading process flow is shown in the following figure.

2) Process structure: The old series of floatable flotation process is a rough selection, and the new series is twice rough selection.
3) Pharmacy system: The dosage of the new series has increased compared with the old series, such as No. 2 oil, sulfur nitrogen No. 9 and zinc sulfate increased by about 1.3 times.
The selection process uses lead, zinc and other floatable-lead, zinc separation-zinc, sulfur mixed flotation-zinc, sulfur separation. The flotation process and technical conditions are shown in the following figure and the following table:

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