How to build a smart mine? Tell you the answer today.

In 2015, the State Council issued the "Made in China 2025", clearly mentioning the goals that need to be gradually realized in the next decade, and achieving its grand goals will inevitably circumvent the mining industry.

At present, the informationization and intelligence of the mining industry cover only a very small part. The development mode of the main body is still seriously backward. The overcapacity, low resource utilization rate and low information level are not high. The mining industry needs intelligence, technology and innovation.

Intelligent mine construction

1. Geodetic informationization

Geological survey work is unique to mining enterprises. It provides the most accurate information on the “main raw materials” for the normal production of enterprises. For many years, experts and scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research work on this issue and achieved many High-level research results, such as the study of deposit models, geostatistical research, etc.

More representative software are domestic MapGis (Wuhan Zhongdi Digital Technology Co., Ltd.), 3DMine (Beijing Sandiman Company), D-Mine (Changsha Dimai Information Technology Co., Ltd.); Surpac (Australia) and Micromine abroad (Australia), Mintec (USA), Datamine (UK), etc.

At present, in actual work, whether it is geological exploration, mine development or geological research, accelerating mining informatization and 3D visualization software application is a common consensus reached by the international mining industry. With the development of modern VR 3D visualization technology, geodetic information The transformation will be further stepped up, and the mine data will be more clearly displayed in front of people. In the future, the popularity and application of 3D software will accelerate.

2. Informatization of production process

Production process informationization includes open-air GPS dispatching system and underground mine production process monitoring system

COMPASS system scheduled to achieve open GPS system, GPS vehicle including open pit intelligent scheduling systems, rail transport GPS / GPRS dispatching system, to achieve mine production scheduling, monitoring by displacement.

The production process monitoring system of underground mines has made considerable progress in recent years. According to the current equipment level and management status of mines in China, the contents of informationization and automation of underground mine production processes mainly include:

At present, the application of remote control scraper and remote control drilling rig in mines has entered the mining enterprise. With the advancement of technology, the application of unmanned mining, unmanned locomotives, artificial intelligence and robots is bound to become the informationization of mine production. The key application direction of automation, and gradually complete the intelligent upgrade of the mine.

3. Production management information system

In the survey information technology, automation of the production process at the same time, the establishment of a variety of computer information systems, in order to fully develop and use of information resources to achieve the enterprise capital flow, logistics reasonable and orderly flow.

(1) Production plan management: annual production plan, annual sub-plan, production operation plan, human resource plan, project plan;

(2) Mining management: mine, section, middle section, step, ore body management, mining management, deposit management, mine management team management, mineral supply record, production daily report, mining daily report, mineral supply daily report;

(3) Mineral processing management: mineral processing shift, mineral processing team, raw ore transportation record, crushing record, grinding selection record, ball selection record, processing record, concentrate production record, mineral processing daily report, mineral processing monthly report, mineral processing annual report;

(4) Quality inspection management: quality inspection shift, quality inspection team, quality inspection elements, sample attributes, quality inspection personnel, inspection standards, quality inspection sample registration, quality inspection production records;

(5) Analytical management: laboratory personnel management, inspection sample acceptance, analysis result registration, result review, factory test result list, and test production monthly report;

(6) Equipment maintenance management: maintenance procedure management, equipment maintenance plan, hidden danger management, maintenance management, equipment inspection management.

Problems and solutions

1, there is a problem

(1) Some mines have high enthusiasm for building digital mines, but there are gaps in understanding, and the phenomenon of heavy hardware, light software, and light management is widespread;

(2) In the field of information technology, mine technology is relatively weak, and there is a lack of compound talents who understand management and understand information technology. It is difficult to build digital mines solely by mines themselves;

(3) The rigid management concept and one-sided understanding of digital mines are the key to the success of digital mine construction.

2, the solution

(1) State support: The state should increase support and promote the implementation of relevant policies for enterprise intelligence.

(2) Enterprise attaches importance: The enterprise should be led by the “first-in-command” to lead the enterprise's intelligent construction work, formulate assessment methods, and provide guarantees for the talents, funds and equipment needed for the intelligent construction of enterprises.

(3) Technical support: Production, learning and research work together to further strengthen the key technologies of intelligent mines, effectively organize superior scientific and technological resources, and conduct research on the issues of improving the level of enterprise intelligence and prevention and control of major safety hazards.

Such as mining face related automation technology (such as mining machine memory cutting, face random imaging, three-machine joint control, etc.), mine major safety hazard prevention technology (predictive forecast of production equipment operating conditions, gas, water, fire, mine Risk prediction and forecasting techniques for major disasters such as pressure, comprehensive automation technology, monitoring and control technology (precision positioning technology for underground personnel, downhole life detection technology, mine holographic monitoring technology based on 3D GIS), underground wireless communication technology, mine emergency rescue Command information system, etc.

(4) Talent protection: Cultivate and introduce comprehensive talents of mining + information. Formulate industry talent incentive policies, improve welfare treatment, improve the working environment, and ensure that the company retains people, treats people, and retains people.

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