How much do you know about the gas flow meter troubleshooting?

How much do you know about the gas flow meter troubleshooting?
Gas flowmeter is affordable, and the use of capacitive force sensor is the key to real high precision and high stability of the product. Its measurement accuracy and long-term stability are unmatched by the target flowmeter of the old mechanical force sensor. It has been widely used in flow measurement in various fields such as steel, petroleum, natural gas, electric power, paper, chemical, energy, food, and environmental protection.
Gas flowmeter troubleshooting method introduction:
When the flow rate of the measured medium in the pipeline is zero, the instantaneous flow rate value indicated by the flowmeter is not zero, and the main causes of this phenomenon are:
1. The horizontality of the flowmeter is inconsistent before and after installation, so that the axial splitting force of the target piece and the target rod due to the tilt causes the instantaneous flow rate to exist;
2. The flowmeter runs for a long time, and the internal stress release of the sensor produces a slight change;
3. During installation or operation, severe overload causes zero drift;
All of the above three methods can be handled by referring to the steps and methods for clearing the flowmeter.
4. The flowmeter housing is poorly grounded;
Solution: The user is grounded again.
5. The target piece, the target rod and the measuring tool are caught by the debris;
Treatment method: close the front and rear valves of the flowmeter, use the tool to loosen the connecting bolt between the excess parts of the flowmeter and the measuring tube, and gently shake the transition parts or take out, clean the solemn objects and reset them as they are.
During the operation of the flowmeter, the indication value is abnormally increased. The main causes of this phenomenon are:
1. The target piece and the target rod are hung with filamentous and banded debris;
Treatment method: Refer to the method of handling debris.
2. Under high crucible conditions, the target piece and the target rod produce severe crusting, so that the projected area of ​​the force component target plate along the axis of the measuring tube increases, that is, the annular overcurrent area between the target piece and the measuring tube decreases, and thus is the same Under the flow rate, the force of the sensor increases, which eventually leads to an abnormal increase in the flow indication;
Treatment method: Remove the transition part and use the tool to remove the target and the target rod and the dirt on the inner wall of the measuring tube.
The measurement error is large, and there are many reasons for this phenomenon. The main reasons are as follows:
1. When installing, the relative concentricity of the flowmeter and the connecting pipe is greatly misaligned, and the sealing gasket is not concentric, thereby forming a throttling resistor, which greatly affects the flow state of the measured medium;
Solution: Adjust the installation status.
2. The straight pipe section before and after the flowmeter is too short, and the elbow is directly installed before the flowmeter, and the valve greatly interferes with the fluid state component of the measured medium;
Treatment method: install according to the requirements of the manual or perform on-the-spot real-time calibration of the flowmeter.
3. Bypass pipe leakage;
Treatment: Check and replace the bypass line.
4. The strip is wrapped around the target sheet to increase the force of the target sheet;
Treatment method: Refer to the previous method of handling debris.

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