High-sulfur refractory coal full-weight medium-washing process and equipment for removing inorganic sulfur

Uses and applications: high sulfur coal is mainly used for washing to remove the inorganic sulfur mining, also be used for washing of ash reduction very difficult washability.

Technical features:

(1) Using the special combination of two two-product cyclones of NZX600 and NZX550, only one low-density suspension is used to achieve efficient separation of raw coal from 25 (35) to 0.5 mm. Ep1=0.026 ~0.035kg / L, Ep2 = 0.028 ~ 0.062kg / L;

(2) Using φ150mm small diameter cyclone to match the main selection system, effectively sorting 0.5(1)~0.045 mm coarse slime, so that the lower limit of heavy medium separation is 0.045mm, Ep=0.041~0.078kg/L;

(3) Product structure and process optimization software.

Technical and economic indicators: After being applied to the Nantong Coal Preparation Plant in Chongqing in 1998, the effect was that the sulfur content of the clean coal fell below 2%, the desulfurization rate was over 80%, the sulfur reduction rate of inorganic sulfur was over 75%, and the annual profit and tax was 6,892,800. yuan, magnetic iron ore consumption 1.811kg / t.

Technical key: a low-density suspension system is used to realize three kinds of products: fine, medium and fine, and the high and low sorting densities can be easily adjusted. The final coal sorting and coarse coal slime sorting The best fit process; computer software for product structure and process optimization.

Identification time: December 1998

Awards: Third Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1996 At present, China's raw coal contains more and more sulfur. Faced with the demanding requirements of environmental protection, the ash and desulfurization of this part of raw coal is becoming more and more urgent. Therefore, the market has strong demand for this technology. At present, it has promoted more than ten factories and mines such as Chongqing Nantong Mining Bureau, Shanxi Gujiao Mining Bureau, Hebei Dingzhou Coal Preparation Plant and Hebei Xingtai Coal Preparation Plant. The process and equipment are designed by Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd. Tangshan Branch for process design, equipment matching and engineering design according to the specific conditions and requirements of users. It can also carry out general contracting and turnkey projects.

Use 1

The SDRFL Cast Version Inline Hydraulic Filter is designed according to international regulations. It consists of a two piece Filter Housing with a bolt-on cover plate. Inlet and outlet positioned at the same side or opposite side.

Filter Element

Filter elements are validated according to ISO test standard, with the following pressure stability values: 

BN/HC: 25 bar P/HC: 10 bar
Wire mesh( W/HC ): 30 bar V: 30 bar

It can be used for mineral oils, lubrication oils, non-flame fluids, synthetic and rapidly biodegradable fluids.
For water or other application, please contact us.     
                                                                         RFL Cast symbol

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Cast Version Filter

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