Heavy trucks are almost "on the catty" Special vehicles must pay attention to excess capacity

Special-purpose vehicles have received the attention of the whole society in China and developed rapidly. It began around 2000. For more than a decade, the special-purpose vehicle industry has grown from small to large. By 2013, the total output of special-purpose vehicles reached 1.6 million, accounting for 55% of the total output of trucks. Among them, the production of special cargo vehicles such as semi-trailers, warehouse wagons, dump trucks, tank trucks, and vans reached 1.24 million. The number of special-use vehicles in China is also about 5,000.

More than 10 years ago, the above-mentioned special-purpose trucking companies faced a large number of users with starvation demand in the market. To buy a semi-trailer or dump truck, users often pay the money first, and then wait for the car to re-arrange. Many users have to leave the back door in order to mention the car earlier. Such a prosperous scene of production and sales still vividly.

Looking back at today, due to the influence of multiple factors, the demand is weak, and there are more people selling cars on the market than buying cars. The most common sentence heard by friends in the same industry was "It is really difficult for the industry to use special vehicles." A "difficult" word sums up the status quo of the car enterprises "difficult to do the car, difficult to earn money, hard-to-sale products, hard-to-receive payment, difficult to operate the factory."

Disregard Chinese and foreign sentiments and understand market demand

For more than a decade, people have obtained such information through various channels: In developed countries in Europe and America, special vehicles account for more than 70% of truck-type vehicles, and more than 7000 varieties. The proportion of special-purpose vehicles in China's trucks has just exceeded 30%, and there are more than 3,000 varieties. Based on this, it is inferred that the demand for special-purpose vehicles is quite large.

Actively learning from and learning from foreign advanced products and technologies is an important way to promote China's economic development. However, we must not ignore the differences in foreign conditions and create a one-sided understanding of the market.

Many rural areas still use such a "school bus"

For example, school buses are basically government-led from equipment deployment to operations in Europe and the United States, and are inclusive projects for all citizens. In recent years, in order to ensure that children can go to school safely, China has made great efforts to popularize and popularize school buses. Some people estimate how many school-age children in our country go to kindergarten and elementary school, and how many school buses are required accordingly. Some people simply give an estimate of about 10,000 vehicles per province. As a result, many bus factories have misled the school buses to compete for this big cake. In view of the current economic level of China, most local governments do not have the ability to buy cars and run them on a parcel. Therefore, the school bus market is expected to be hot and purchase demand is cold.

The market reality allows us to look at things rationally. China's big cities have not really popularized school buses. In small and medium-sized cities and rural townships, it is very common for children’s parents to ride bicycles, electric cars, and motor tricycles to and from their children. It can be seen that the popularity of school buses in urban and rural areas in China is still long.

Construction of special vehicles for new factories across the country

First of all, it should be affirmed that the scope of use of special vehicles has covered all aspects of our economy and society. In the areas of logistics and transportation, energy construction, highway construction and maintenance, urban and rural construction sites, sanitation, medical care, gardening, public security, justice, communications, airports, finance, and military equipment, the rush of private cars can be seen. The scope of future use will be even more extensive.

Empty special car new factory

Regardless of the market demand at this stage, under the misdirection of the “unlimited special-purpose vehicle market”, there are many new places in China that have launched new factories. Joining this army are the central state-owned enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, large-scale enterprise groups, and OEMs. The largest number is private investors. There are also several industrial agglomerations in the country, such as "Special Vehicle Capital", "Special Vehicle Base", "Special Vehicle Park", and "Trailer Hometown". Some parks have also made the name of "World Special Vehicle Carrier".

I do not deny that everyone is actively promoting the enthusiasm of special vehicles. The problem is that among the special-purpose vehicle companies in the “Announcement” of the country, there is a company that can develop and produce high-end special vehicles. There are less than 20% of the total number of special-purpose vehicle factories and more than 80% of SMEs. The products are concentrated in low-end semi-trailers, silo cars, dump trucks, tank trucks, and vans.

Due to overproduction, the above-mentioned low-end product manufacturers have to suppress prices to compete for orders in order to be able to sell cars, or to meet customer overload requirements to produce and sell some vehicles that violate the regulations. For example: can pull 20 cars, car body length of more than 30 meters of the carriage; dump truck cart made of three sections of ultra-high and so on.

Dry factory depends more on ability

It's not okay if you want to do a physical factory, but only money can't do it well. It is as if a rich man can buy a big ship, but he does not necessarily have the ability to steer this ship to sail in the rough sea of ​​the sea.

Many of the private bosses who invest in low-end special-purpose vehicle factories have made a considerable portion of them from car repairs, car sales, automobile transportation, steel sales, and real estate development. They have even started to engage in the acquisition and processing of agricultural and sideline products. Due to limitations in its own experience, qualifications, capabilities, and vision, and the lack of awareness and methods for factory management and prevention of business risks, it is difficult to steer a small and large company in a positive direction. They did not form a complete enterprise team, only digging several “masters” from factories in the same industry, and using simple techniques to even lay out the ground to produce some low-tech, low-value-added general products.

Stall production semi-trailer

From the date of the establishment of some factories, the boss was caught in endless economic difficulties. Originally a multi-millionaire and billionaire, due to the construction of a special car factory, it became a debtor who was busy with the new account and retired.

As a business decision maker, you have to be hot and have a hard time thinking about new projects. You can't just rely on passion and yelling "I want to do it." You must ask yourself "Can you do it?" "Can you do it?"

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