Good policy to force the fastener product market

These days, the sales volume of wire drawing and fastener cold-heading steel used in metal products has increased by a large margin compared with before, and most of them are purchased by metal product manufacturers. Shanghai Baoxia Material & Trade Development Co., Ltd., a salesperson specializing in industrial wire and cold heading steel in Shanghai, said in an interview with reporters recently.

Industry insiders told reporters that there are cautiously optimistic attitudes toward the steel market for metal products, and the many favorable policies that the country has recently introduced in its economic “stable growth” will benefit the development of China’s metal products industry and boost demand, and the market outlook is still worth looking forward to.

In various favorable policies recently issued by the central government and local governments, the demand for metal products is mainly driven by infrastructure and machinery manufacturing, as well as power grid construction and transformation.

Power grid construction and reform policies favor the wire rod market.

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