·Gansu Province introduced measures to speed up the elimination of "yellow standard car" and old motor vehicles

In order to prevent and control the exhaust emissions of motor vehicles, accelerate the elimination of “yellow-label vehicles” and old scrapped motor vehicles, promote the reduction of nitrogen oxides and improve the quality of the atmospheric environment, the provincial government office recently issued the “Exhaustion of exhaust gas emissions in Gansu Province”. The Yellow Horse Car and the Old Waste Vehicles Implementation Measures (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Measures”) set a clear timetable for the province to eliminate the “Yellow Label Vehicles” – by the end of 2015, the basic phase-out registration before the end of 2005 The “Yellow Label Vehicle” operated by the end of 2017 will basically eliminate the “Yellow Label Vehicle” within the province; encourage the early retirement of old vehicles; since 2015, the newly produced low-speed trucks will be executed in the same way as light trucks. Emission standards.
The so-called "yellow-label vehicle" that does not meet the emission standards of the exhaust gas refers to the gasoline vehicle that does not meet the national first-stage emission standard (national I standard) and does not meet the national third-stage emission standard (national standard III). Diesel vehicles, such vehicles issued a yellow environmental inspection mark, referred to as "yellow standard car."
The "Implementation Measures" require that the municipal (state) governments should, in accordance with the annual emission reduction tasks, formulate "yellow-label vehicles" and old motor vehicle elimination plans in the region, and publicize and mobilize motor vehicle owners to eliminate old vehicles in advance. The environmental protection departments of the government at or above the county level shall implement unified supervision over the prevention and control of motor vehicle pollution within their respective administrative areas. In accordance with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce, "Administrative Measures for Retirement and Subsidy Funds for Old Cars," appropriate subsidies will be given to car owners who meet the subsidy conditions determined by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce, apply for scrapping old cars, and purchase new cars.
The "Implementation Measures" also requires that, starting from January 1, 2015, the province's environmental protection inspections shall be uniformly tested by the "Working Conditions Law". The environmental protection department is responsible for determining the unified environmental protection testing methods and technical specifications for motor vehicles in the province, implementing the annual plan for the elimination of “Yellow Label Vehicles” and conducting inspections and assessments on the completion status. Motor vehicles without environmental protection signs are prohibited from going on the road, and traffic control measures for restricted areas and restricted time driving are adopted for the "Yellow Label Vehicle". The municipal people's government of the district may make specific provisions according to the quality of the atmospheric environment in the administrative region and the degree of exhaust pollution of motor vehicles. Before the end of 2014, the province fully implemented the four national emission standards for motor vehicles, and fully supplied the national four-vehicle gasoline and diesel. By the end of 2017, it will fully supply the national five-car gasoline and diesel.

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