Fire pump precautions and maintenance

Fire pumps, according to different classification is divided into different varieties with its all sealed, non-leakage, corrosion-resistant properties, commonly used in environmental protection, water disposal, fire and other departments used to pump all kinds of liquids, is the creation of non Leakage, non-polluting plant, chemical plant ideal pump and fire pump systems are similar, but head and flow are different. Fire pump selection based on, should be based on process, water supply and drainage requirements, to be considered from five aspects.

Fire truck fire pump used in fire fighting, water disposal, environmental protection and other departments, used to pumping all kinds of liquids. The following introduction of fire engine fire pump use some of the precautions and maintenance:

First, the fire pump before the start of the inspection 1, check the process of valve switching conditions, the corresponding return valve switch conditions fit the request.

(1) In the daily test pump, the return valve should be fully open, the valve set in the closed position valve. Try 1 # foam pump, 2 # pump foam exit is required to close the Vp111, Vp112, Vp212 three foam tank inlet valve, open the Px021 return valve to pump; trial 2 # pump water outlet, 3 #, 4 # fire Fire truck fire pump need to open the Px011 back to the pump can be opened. After the test pump all valves will be restored to the regular state.

(2) In the event of an emergency or request for a fire drill, the valve in the position where the valve train is required to open the corresponding fire-fighting water (foam) valve is closed and the return valve is closed.

(3) The pump inlet valve must have a normally open outlet valve in the closed position.

2, check the vacuum suction clutch handle installed in the "合" position.

3, open the gas valve, float valve assembly to close the release valve after reset.

Second, the fire pump start and stop pump steps 1, start the pump, check the motor running current and pump operation is normal, if abnormal should immediately stop the pump.

2, look at the pump outlet pressure gauge, when the gauge pointer reaches the rated working pressure and stability, gradually open the outlet valve, try to make the pump work in rated condition.

3, the pump is normal water, vacuum suction clutch handle will be moved to the "sub" position.

4, look at the valve group pressure, water valve group insisted on the pressure at about 0.8Mpa, foam valve group insisted on about 1.0Mpa. If the pressure can not insist, can be properly adjusted pump outlet and return valve control pressure.

5, should always check the temperature of the pump and motor bearings, the maximum temperature can not exceed 75 degrees, check the motor operating current should be within the normal range.

6, stop the pump, all the valves according to the valve open, shut down the state diagram request, return to normal.

7, the vacuum suction clutch handle installed to move to the "position", open the air valve, so that the float assembly reset, in preparation for the state.

8, if the pump starts to pressure 0.8Mpa immediately after returning to 0.4Mpa or so, can not be normal water, this time to immediately stop the pump, open the air valve so that the float assembly reset, restart.

9, under normal conditions, 1 #, 2 # pump to ensure that a state of work, one in a standby state.

Third, the fire pump maintenance and custody 1, each class to check and ensure the fire power system, the circuit is unobstructed, electrical equipment intact.

2, each plate pump once, the coupling should be light average, no abnormal sound and make a record.

3, every month 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 Check suction vacuum installation of the smooth oil level, the location of the oil in the center line of the window or slightly below the centerline; start the fire engine fire truck fire pump, Check the pump on the water time and make records, 1 #, 2 # pump operation for 15 minutes, 3 #, 4 # pump operation for 5 minutes.

4, check the float after the pump starts operating conditions, the exhaust hose should not have water. If there is water, you must change the float seal.

5, after the pump starts to check the suction vacuum seal size can be installed tightly, the exhaust can be normal.

6, Check the packing seal level after pump start, leakage should not exceed 10-30 drops / min.

7, regularly check the various parts of the pump lubricating oil, to ensure smooth system is working properly.

8, Regularly check whether the fastening parts of the connecting parts, with or without loose.

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