Factors Affecting Pavement Froth

Frothing is the phenomenon of springs, cracks, and mud that appear on the foundation or road surface due to poor groundwater removal or changes in water level. The sharp decrease in the strength of the ground and the effect of driving will lead to uneven surface fluctuations and the phenomenon of tumbling is even more serious. The factors that affect the road surface tumbling mainly depend on factors such as temperature, soil quality, water supply, and driving.


First, the temperature

Freezing depth and cooling capacity are the decisive factors for the formation of slurry. In addition to these two decisive factors, the negative temperature effect in winter and the rate of freezing will also affect the formation of slurry. In the alternating warm and cold, the temperature during this time is between 0 and 5 degrees. The frozen line stays in the shallower place under the road for a long time, and a large amount of moisture accumulates in the place near the road surface. This will cause the phenomenon of slushing. In the autumn, there is more rainwater. During this period, the subgrade water accumulates and the groundwater level rises. The water content of the subgrade increases and even reaches supersaturation. This is a prerequisite for the phenomenon of road surface tumbling. After a prolonged period of severe winter cold weather, we welcome the spring freezing weather and sudden warming, which will cause the rapid melting of the soil base and aggravate the phenomenon of tumbling. The change of climate throughout the year is the main reason for the formation of slurry.

Second, soil quality

In the process of rectifying the phenomenon of cultural road tumbling, the method of changing soil was adopted because the sandy soil would not be frowed in general, and the silty soil was soil that was prone to tumbling. This kind of soil capillary water rises higher and faster, the moisture concentration is serious, and the soil strength decreases rapidly and loses its stability.

Third, water

The tumbling process is the process of transferring and changing the moisture in the soil. Shallow groundwater can provide ample water, plus it will often encounter rain, and the groundwater level will increase, which will result in the formation of slurry.

Fourth, driving

Every day in the developing cities, there is a continuous stream of vehicles. The government even has to promulgate regulations for vehicle restrictions to solve the traffic congestion. However, it is self-evident that the effect of these vehicles on the surface loading of the road surface is that if there is more traffic on the road that is thickened, the phenomenon of tumbling will be more serious.

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