Do you think horses only have tires?

Many people know that the Continental brand may still start with the most widely used horse tires in the country. In fact, the German mainland is not only the world's third largest tire manufacturing company, but also the largest supplier of auto parts in Europe. The spare parts it provides cover all areas of commercial vehicles such as trucks.

Do you think horses only have tires?

At the 2016 International Commercial Vehicle Show (IAA) in Hannover, mainland companies exhibited the theme of “Efficient and Secure Interconnection.” In terms of “high-efficiency”, China will exhibit its exhaust gas treatment equipment and lightweight air spring systems using unique catalysts. A-grade fuel efficient tires are dedicated to improving the transportation efficiency, fuel efficiency, and tail gas treatment efficiency of commercial vehicles, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing the economic benefits of drivers and shippers.

● Unique metal substrate catalyst exhaust treatment effect is good

At the International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover, the mainland will showcase its tightly coupled exhaust gas aftertreatment technology for heavy trucks. By using the newly developed Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) based on Crossversal metal structure (CS), the use of catalyst is reduced by 20%.

Do you think horses only have tires?

In addition, because the diesel oxidation catalyst needs to work at high temperatures, the late stage urea can be injected more quickly, greatly improving the efficiency of tail gas conversion.

Do you think horses only have tires?

The so-called CS structure is the structure shown in the figure above. The mainland has developed a metal foil that can generate a structured gas flow when the exhaust gas passes through, and thus quickly and efficiently enters the catalyst converter. When the exhaust gas contacts the catalytic coating of the catalyst substrate, the catalyst converter will immediately work and quickly reach the operating temperature, increasing the conversion efficiency.

Do you think horses only have tires?

In addition, the mainland has placed the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) close to the engine, and the so-called tight coupling is derived from this. This improvement has reduced the volume of the entire system by 30%, making the overall structure more compact. At the same time, a reduction in the volume of the catalytic system can increase the volume of the fuel tank and thus store more fuel.

● Mainland A professional and efficient tires are durable enough for long-distance transportation

At the 2016 Hanover International Commercial Vehicle Show, the Continental Group will certainly not forget his professional tire technology.

This time, the mainland will display Conti EfficientPro tires using the latest technology. This tire is suitable for drive shafts and guide shafts. It has the best anti-rolling friction capability and is suitable for long-distance transportation at high speeds.

Do you think horses only have tires?

This tire has been rated as A-class tire by the relevant professional departments in Europe. To know that A-class is the highest fuel-efficient grade, this achievement can be attributed to the tire's low frictional resistance. In order to achieve a lower frictional resistance, the mainland has used advanced technologies that have been tested and improved on the EcoPlus series tires. At the same time, a unique blend of rubber materials is used, and the tread has a multilayer structure.

Compared with traditional Conti EcoPlus tires, a 40-ton semi-trailer truck that uses Condé’s professional and efficient tires can save 0.64 liters of oil per 100 km run. For vehicles that run more than 120,000 miles per year, using this tire can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by two tons.

● Lightweight air spring with plastic piston improves cargo capacity

ContiTech is a sub-brand of the Continental Group. At this exhibition, the company will demonstrate its lightweight air spring system designed for efficiency. Unlike conventional steel pistons, this air spring system uses a special plastic piston that reduces the weight by 75%. The air spring system has an extremely wide range of applications in trucks, such as air suspension systems, cab suspensions, driver seat air springs, and the like.

Do you think horses only have tires?

In order to improve the efficiency and economic efficiency of cargo transportation, the bearing capacity of the shaft needs to be improved with the permission of the law. Lightweight design, if only for the purpose of reducing fuel consumption, is not worthwhile, which will increase operating costs. In fact, there are more advantages in light weight, such as the use of air suspension with lightweight plastic pistons, each carrying capacity of up to 12 to 15 kg. Suppose a vehicle with a life span of 400,000 kilometers uses a lightweight air spring system, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 200 kilograms.

Do you think horses only have tires?

In addition, ContiTech's original LFD technology applies air springs to the cab suspension and seat. This module is composed of two or three chambers according to individual needs. The air spring and the shock absorber are designed in the same assembly. The frequency of the shock absorber can be selected by itself, and the shock absorber automatically adjusts the frequency according to the weight of the load.

LFD technology can greatly enhance the comfort of the cab, reduce cab wear and extend service life. At the same time, it is more environmentally friendly because no shock absorbers are needed.

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