Do not do several actions that damage the tanker

As we all know, a tanker is the most dangerous transportation vehicle of any type of vehicle. Therefore, all of us must be careful when driving, and we must follow the safe operation procedures prescribed by the tanker, but in some cases owners But it is more general, and it feels that the driving of the vehicles is similar, but in fact, there are differences in the details of the operation of each vehicle. In particular, the high-risk transportation vehicles such as tankers, then what should be paid attention to when opening the tanker? Are there any factors? The following text is explained:


First, you can't directly hold the brake and start driving

In the case that the tanker brakes are not released, they must not be directly on the road. As the brakes are carried out, the driving of the vehicle will directly cause the brake system to be extremely damaged, and the brake system will be directly destroyed, but everyone often neglects this point. Finally, I noticed that there was burning smell in the car before I realized this problem, so everyone must pay attention in this regard.

Second, we must slow down when the road is rough

Most car owners think that tankers have a shock absorption function. Therefore, when they go through some bad roads, they usually do not slow down, but directly increase the speed of the accelerator to accelerate the speed, but they do not know that this will directly destroy The suspension system of the vehicle directly leads to its breakage and makes the vehicle unable to drive normally.


Third, do not wait until the fuel tank is empty and refuel

Most vehicle drivers have a bad habit. They wait until the oil lamp is on before going to the gas station. However, people do not know that this daily bad habit will directly destroy the oil pump in the fuel tank. The oil pump is the most important in the fuel tank. A system whose main function is to reduce the temperature of the fuel tank in the fuel. If the oil lamp is on, it means that the oil pump is above the oil level, so the pump will not be cooled to shorten the use of the fuel tank.

Fourth, excessive oil

Excessive amounts of oil often lead to strong agitation of the connecting rod of the engine. This results in damage to the internal functions of the engine. Excessive oil will make it difficult for the engine oil to burn off. Therefore, when you add fuel, you must control the amount of oil to ensure that the machine is running normally.

The above four points are just a few items that can't be ignored in the daily driving of tank trucks . If you still have problems with tank trucks, you can pay attention to our official website.

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