Digital Multimeter Product Features

Digital multimeters are electronic instruments that are used in electrical measurements. It can have many special functions, but the main function is to measure voltage, resistance and current, digital multimeter, as a modern multi-purpose electronic measuring instrument, mainly used in physical, electrical, electronic and other measurement fields.
Digital Multimeter Troubleshooting
The search for faults should be done outside, after the first and then difficult, the whole zero, and key breakthroughs. The method can be roughly divided into the following types:
1. Sensation
With the senses directly making a judgment on the cause of the failure, through appearance inspection, it can be found such as disconnection, desoldering, wiring short circuit, fuse tube broken, burned components, mechanical damage, copper foil tilt and fracture on the printed circuit The temperature rise of the battery, resistor, transistor, and integrated block can be touched. The cause of abnormal temperature rise can be found by referring to the circuit diagram. In addition, the hand can also check whether the components are loose, whether the integrated circuit leg is firmly inserted, whether the switch is stuck; you can hear and smell the sound and smell.
2. Voltage measurement method
Measuring the working voltage of each key point is normal, and the fault point can be found relatively quickly. Such as measuring A / D converter operating voltage, reference voltage and so on.
3. Digital Multimeter Short Circuit Method
Short-circuit method is generally used in the inspection A/D converter method mentioned above, and this method is used more frequently when repairing weak currents and micro-electric instruments.
4. Open circuit method
Disconnect the suspicious part from the whole unit or unit circuit. If the fault disappears, the fault is in the open circuit. This method is mainly suitable for short circuits in the circuit.
5. Measuring component method
When the fault has narrowed down to somewhere or a few components, it can be measured online or offline. If necessary, replace it with a good component. If the fault disappears, it means that the component is broken.
6. Digital multimeter interference method
The use of human induced voltage as an interference signal to observe changes in the liquid crystal display is often used to check that the input circuit and display are intact.
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