Crossing the Wuhan Auto Show, many times the eye-catching Kangmai "Sanmang"

Just because I saw you at the auto show, I have a look, two eyes, three eyes...

At this year's Wuhan Auto Show, the reporters of China Truck Network noticed that whether you are visiting the exhibition hall or the parts exhibition hall, when you visit the exhibits, you will encounter a special eye-catching and highly iconic hollow. "Star" product, marked with -CONMET (Commit ) .


Since entering the venue, from Jianghuai Geerfa K7 of A1 Hall, Jiangling Weilong HV5, to FAW Jiefang J7 of A2 Hall, FAW Jiefang J6P, Futian Auman EST, then to Dongfeng New Generation Tianlong Concept Car and Tianlong of Hall A3 KL, Liuqi by Dragon T7, Liuqi by Dragon H7... You will find that there are a common feature of so many models, that is, all equipped with Kangmai wheels. Can you get so many exhibiting companies with the same brand products and show them at the exhibition? What is Kangmai relying on? Safety and efficiency must be two important factors.

Jianghuai Gefa K7 Jianghuai Gefa K7

Jiangling Weilong HV5 Jiangling Weilong HV5

FAW Jiefang J7 FAW Jiefang J7

FAW Liberation J6P FAW Liberation J6P

Foton Auman EST Foton Auman EST

Dongfeng new generation Tianlong concept car Dongfeng new generation Tianlong concept car

Dongfeng Tianlong KL Dongfeng Tianlong KL

Liuqi Chenglong T7 Liuqi Chenglong T7

Liuqi Chenglong H7 Liuqi Chenglong H7

For the safety of products, Kangmai has already seen "transparent". Regardless of the transportation sector, safety is the basis for determining all other conditions, and the visual design used by Comay Wheels allows direct viewing of lubricant changes through a transparent window, including oil quality, oil volume, leakage, etc. . The driver can complete the visual inspection in one minute before each time he gets on the bus. If you see it, you can safely operate and improve safety and make the security visible.

Kangmai Visual Design Kangmai Visual Design

The middle of the two bearings is the spacer used by Kangmai. The middle of the two bearings is the spacer used by Kangmai.

In today's transportation industry, high efficiency is equal to high returns. In order to ensure efficient transportation, in addition to carrying an excellent power system, it is also necessary to minimize the parking maintenance time. In this respect, the Kangmai wheel hub relies on unique oil lubrication technology, which can continuously lubricate the bearing while the vehicle is running, always forming an oil film between the hub bearing raceway and the tapered roller to prevent bearing wear. Reduce the frequency of wheel maintenance, greatly reducing the maintenance time of the hub, and thus improve the transportation efficiency on the basis of safety.

After understanding the safety and efficiency advantages of Kangmai's wheels, we continued to move forward and entered the parts and exhibition hall of the A4 pavilion of Wuhan Auto Show. This is also the location of this Kangmai booth. In this exhibition, Kangmai brought 5.5 tons of disc cast iron front wheel hub, 11.5 tons of cast iron drum (side pull) rear wheel hub, 13 tons of cast iron drum (side pull) rear wheel hub, FF drum front wheel hub, R series aluminum The rear drum hub and the R series side pull-type rear hubs meet the audience.

Kangmai booth Kangmai booth

China Truck Network reporter learned on the spot that the products exhibited by Kangmai at this exhibition are long-life/low (free) maintenance wheel ends, and as always, have the characteristics of visual safety warning. It is worth mentioning that one aluminum wheel and three wheel-side production processes in this exhibition have ensured the weight of the product to a certain extent and meet the current industry demand.

The R series side pull-type rear wheel hub, which occupies the “C-position” of the Kangmai booth, matches the high-performance brake disc independently developed by Kangmai, and has been further upgraded in safety. At the same time, this product is also At present, Kangmai's lightest rear axle iron wheels can reduce weight by 6-10Kg compared with traditional 13T products. Not only that, but this product will also be the platform for future Kangmai smart/electric drive wheel applications.

R series side pull type rear wheel hub R series side pull type rear wheel hub

From the A1 complete car pavilion of Wuhan Auto Show to the A5 parts pavilion, this highly attractive Kangmai “Sanmang” is attracting your attention all the time, although it is not as bulky as a whole car, but The highly recognizable one will always make you look back at the show.

Reading volume: Source: Chinese network of truck: Wu Yi

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