·China Automotive International and the two companies signed a framework agreement for capacity cooperation strategic alliances in China and Africa

In response to the national “One Belt, One Road” strategic concept, promoting international capacity cooperation and creating greater commercial value, on July 4, China Automotive International and Zhongbei Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing MCC Equipment Research and Design Institute signed the agreement. Non-regional capacity collaboration strategic alliance framework agreement.
At the signing ceremony, Chairman Zhang Wendong of Zhongbei Technology Co., Ltd., Vice President Huang Chao of Beijing China Metallurgical Equipment Research and Design Institute, General Manager of China National Automobile International Han Xiaojun, Deputy General Manager of Wang Yang and relevant leaders. Lu Yizhou, deputy general manager presided over the signing ceremony. The leaders of the three parties are optimistic about the market potential of the Central African region. They hope that the national “One Belt, One Road” policy will give full play to their respective fields of expertise, complement each other's advantages, accelerate the progress of cooperation, and jointly make due contributions to the country's high-quality production capacity “going out”.

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