Central enterprises staking in Xinjiang to reproduce coal development boom

Recently, the Guojizhuang Coal Industry's annual production of 4 billion cubic meters of coal-based natural gas projects was started in Nileke County, Xinjiang, with a total investment of 26.8 billion yuan. The total coal mine project supporting capacity is 16 million tons with a total investment of 6.3 billion yuan. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, Guodian plans to invest more than 150 billion yuan in Xinjiang.

According to the "Xinjiang Daily" report, there are currently 104 companies involved in the development of coal power and coal chemical industry in Xinjiang and 66 coal chemical projects. The total planned investment is 877.3 billion yuan, of which 18 are under construction and projects planned to start this year are 28 One. Among the enterprises that have advanced into Xinjiang, there are five major power companies such as Guodian, Huaneng, China Power Investment and Datang, state-owned coal central enterprises such as Shenhua and China Coal, and other provinces such as Shanxi Pan’an, Hebei Kaiyuan, Jiangsu Xu Mine, and Shandong Xinwen. State-owned coal enterprises.
Central Enterprise Xinjiang Investment Racing
The central enterprises have become the leading source of Xinjiang's development of coal resources and have become important resource holders. In the next two years, coal-intensive power conversion projects in Xinjiang, such as the top five major power companies, have started intensively. In the next ten years, its investment plans in Xinjiang will all be over 100 billion yuan.
On June 21st, the National Development and Investment Corporation’s 12-million-ton coal mine in the Hami 1 Mine and the Hami Plant’s 26.6-million-kilometer Hangou Power Station were under construction. This is the largest coal mine and largest power plant in Xinjiang.
The first phase of the Hami Power Plant is based on the construction of a mine in Hami, with a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan and an annual power generation capacity of 5.5 billion kWh. Feng Shidong, general manager of SDIC, said that SDIC Hami will form an annual coal production capacity of 50 million tons, coal transportation capacity of 50 million tons, and power capacity of 8 million kilowatts in the Hami region.
On May 28th, China Coal Energy's Yili Coal and Electricity Company's annual production of 600,000 tons of coal-to-olefins projects was started. The total investment of the project is 21.114 billion yuan, which is the first coal-to-olefins project in Xinjiang. Two days later, China Coal Energy Xinjiang Coal & Power Corporation launched a 4 billion cubic meters of coal-based natural gas project in the east of Zhundong, with a total investment of RMB 26.4 billion.
China Coal's two coal chemical projects were started at the same time. The total investment amounted to more than 47.5 billion yuan, setting a precedent for Xinjiang and even the whole country. At present, China Coal’s 1.8 million-ton/year coal mine and the 3 million-ton/year coal mine of Hongxin Company have started construction and will be put into operation in the current and next two years.
In the next five years, China Coal will invest more than 100 billion yuan in Xinjiang to build large-scale coal development projects and industrial parks in coal-rich regions such as Tuha, Jungdong, and Yili. By 2015, the coal design production capacity will exceed 40 million tons/year.
On May 9th, the power project for the Shenhua-Xindong Xinjiang Coal-fired Power Base was started. This is Shenhua’s first super-large integrated demonstration project for coal-fired power integration in Xinjiang. It plans to install 9.34 million kilowatts of coal power, with a total investment of approximately 33 billion yuan. Plan 2013 In production.
Previously, China Datang Group and Huaneng Group also invested in Xinjiang. At present, Huaneng Group owns more than 10 energy projects in 6 categories including wind power, hydropower, thermal power, coal, coal chemical, and railway in Xinjiang. Huaneng Group plans to invest 100 billion yuan in the next 10 years to develop two major energy bases in Zhundong and Tuha and a series of coal-electric and new energy projects.
Yilicheng main battlefield
“Iraq Jiangnan” Yili will be one of the most dense areas of coal chemical industry in China.
Xinjiang Autonomous Region's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" proposed that Xinjiang will rely on high-quality coal resources, focusing on Yili and Zhundong coal bases, vigorously develop modern coal chemical industry, and build a certain scale modern coal chemical industry cluster as soon as possible.
By 2015, Xinjiang's annual coal output will reach more than 400 million tons, coal-based natural gas 60 billion cubic meters, coal-to-oil 3.6 million tons, coal-to-olefins 1 million tons, and coal to ethylene glycol 1 million tons.
Among them, "Jungdong Coalfield focuses on the development of coal-fired electricity and modern coal chemical industry," and "Yili Coalfield focuses on the development of modern coal chemical industry and moderate development of coal-fired electricity."
In Xinjiang's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" outline, a total of 36 coal chemical projects, including coal-based natural gas, coal-to-olefins, and coal-to-oil, were laid ahead of schedule.
Officials of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region stated that as of the end of last year, Zhundong coal-fired power and coal chemical industrial belts had already entered 43 companies, among which 37 enterprises had acquired exploration rights; currently, 33 of the nation’s top 500 enterprises settled in the Ili River Valley have started. There are 87 major industrial projects above the yuan, with a total investment of 277.1 billion yuan.
14 large-scale coal chemical projects are densely distributed in the Yili coalfield. Including, Qinghua Group's annual production of 5.5 billion cubic meters of coal gas phase I project, CLP investment in Buchar, Huocheng two annual production of 6 billion cubic meters of coal gas, Xinwen Group annual output of 10 billion cubic meters Coal gas project.
In addition, Yitai Group produces 5.4 million tons of coal-based oil annually, China Coal Group produces 600,000 tons of olefins per year, and 4 billion cubic meters of coal-producing gas; Guoji Group produces 600,000 tons of coal-based olefins and 4 billion cubic meters of coal annually. Gas production, SDIC produces 600,000 tons of coal to produce olefins and 4 billion cubic meters of coal gas, Xinwen Group produces 600,000 tons of olefins, Qinghua Group produces 3 million tons of methanol annually to produce 1 million tons of olefins, and Henan produces coal annually 200,000 tons of coal to ethylene glycol and other projects.
Some experts have suggested that “coal chemical industry is a high-energy-consuming, high-water-consuming industry that avoids rushing to the top and repetitive constructions. We must comprehensively analyze factors such as coal resources, water resources, environmental conditions, and transportation in Xinjiang in order to achieve scientific planning. Preventing some enterprises from taking advantage of the development of coal chemical industry and taking advantage of the coal resources, the blind arrangement of the project resulted in a lot of redundant construction."

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