Can not ignore the technical requirements and construction management of weak current installation

The effective implementation and quality control of weak current projects is a key technology for intelligent building construction. It is crucial for intelligent project construction. This is also an important guarantee for the safe use of buildings. What measures can be taken to improve the quality of weak current projects?
Before the implementation of the intelligent construction weak current project, the three elements of weak current system design, product technical standards, construction quality management and project quality management shall be strictly followed, and the implementation and management of the intelligent project shall be closely centered on the above three factors to ensure intelligent building construction. Safe, efficient, comfortable and economical operation.
1 Preparation for weak project construction
1) Overall design plan for weak current engineering system.
The first step is to conduct in-depth analysis of the functional requirements for building use, conduct detailed technical discussions with technical personnel, master the design criteria of the project and the functional orientation of the system, and determine the overall from the consideration of the comprehensive factors of applicability, advancement, and economy. Design.
2) The choice of a premium system integrator (primary contractor).
At present, the operation mode of the intelligent building weak current project in China is basically coordinated, managed and controlled by the system integrator or the owner, among which the selection system integrator accounts for the main part. Therefore, choosing a competent system integrator is the key to the success or failure of the entire weak current project, because it is an organic "integration" of technical implementation capabilities, project quality management, and coordination of organizational capabilities.
3) System maintenance and management of weak current projects.
The normal operation after the implementation of the weak current project is a sign of the successful implementation of the project, but the safety, efficiency, comfort, and economy are the ultimate goals of the intelligent construction weak current project. Therefore, professional operation training for building management personnel is also required during project acceptance. Enhance system maintenance and management levels, and ongoing system maintenance and management are the basic guarantees for achieving the ultimate goal of intelligent buildings.
2 technical management points of weak current engineering
Weak power engineering interface technology management. In the early stage of the project, it needs to be determined according to the requirements of technical design and the terms of the contract:
1 Engineering interface between each system in the weak current and between each subsystem and the electromechanical equipment, civil engineering and decoration major;
2 Project scope and responsibility interface between product suppliers, work contractors and construction units;
3 Modify, adjust and reconfirm the above mentioned interface during the implementation process. This is one of the key difficulties in technical management in weak current projects. Before construction, review and confirm the drawings, materials, technical process and construction design mentioned above to ensure that the equipment list, monitoring point table and construction drawing in the contract are consistent to ensure the integrity of the system on the hardware equipment. And meet the requirements of various technical parameters, so as to ensure the duration, quality and reduce rework.
3 The main content of acceptance of weak current project
At present, there is no standard completion acceptance system for intelligent building weak current projects in the country, but the acceptance standards for various localities have been gradually introduced. Shanghai Municipality issued the "Intelligent Building Construction and Acceptance Specifications (DG/TJ08-601-2001)" as the current acceptance criteria for weak current projects, and strict implementation of this specification is required in the future.
4 Quality Control Measures for Weak Electricity Engineering
The quality control of weak current projects should be a full range of quality control in all aspects of the design, construction and commissioning of the project implementation:
1) Quality control in the design phase.
Before the construction of the project, the design drawings shall be reviewed, and the system design, function description, technical design, equipment selection and contract, and the requirements of the analysis of the owner and functional requirements of each subsystem shall be reviewed and reconfirmed.
2) Construction quality control.
According to the design drawings and related technical documents of the trial meeting and the overall design plan of the relevant project construction regulations and documents, the quality and quantity shall be strictly followed according to the construction requirements of the drawings. If it is found that there is inconsistency with the drawings, it shall not be changed in private. Designers jointly explore solutions, strictly implement standardized, standardized, and operable quality control procedures; strictly control the construction quality of individual subsystems, installation of individual equipment, and do a good job of testing and commissioning records for various systems and equipment; Inspection of peripheral equipment and materials involved in weak construction of intelligent buildings.
3) System debugging quality control.
Prior to system commissioning, the technical engineer must prepare a system commissioning plan based on the overall system design, acceptance criteria, contract requirements, and related technical documentation, and organize the implementation after the technical audit confirms. (Source: First Monitoring)

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