Beyond the traditional deep mining 9 major technology - hear what Gu Desheng academicians say

On October 11, 2016, at the 2016 Mining Frontier and Informatization Intelligent Technology Annual Meeting, Academician Gu Desheng made a detailed and in-depth report on “Promoting Deep Development to High-end Transformation” and elaborated on the deepening of the tradition. Production technology field.

Because "super ultra-deep deposit mining technology" is now a high-end gold mine field of study, which covers the three metal mining development themes - core meaning "green mining, deep mining, mining intelligence" of.

1. Intelligent deep well drilling machine full-section excavation and once-forming technology

The study of deep well boring machines is a prerequisite, and only in this way can one-time rapid well formation be achieved.

2. Collaborative operation continuous mining intelligent mining technology in multi-production area of ​​large mining section

3. High stress induced cracking and short delay large hole coupled blasting technology

How to blast at the bottom of 2000m or even deeper?

4. Pumping and cementing filling technology for bottom hole pumping station and full tail sand paste

How to backfill after mining is also a problem that needs to be solved in deep well mining.

5. The slurry lifting technology of the bottom hole crushing and grinding, high lift pumping slurry to the ground selection plant

After deep mining, how to transport the mine to the ground is also one of the technical difficulties in deep well mining.

6. Regional ground pressure and stress monitoring technology for intensive mining in deep wells

7. Thermal environment and deep temperature control technology of deep deposits

Geothermal heat is one of the main reasons for deep mining, because the geothermal gradient is about 3 ° C / 100 m. Moreover, the use of ordinary underground ventilation and heat dissipation cannot meet deep well mining.

8. Informatization and intelligence of the mining process of deep deposits

In the future, if mining needs to be developed, it must be dominated by informationization and intelligence. Artificial mining technology will be eliminated due to its danger and low efficiency.

9. Intelligent trackless mining equipment with intensive production of deep well production

Intelligent intelligence can only be achieved if equipment is intelligent.

Deep mining is a difficult problem for metal mining now, and it is also a difficult problem for metal mining in the future. The development and utilization of deep mineral resources has unlimited development space, which will bring subversive changes to traditional mining.

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