Beneficiation test of Hubei Daxie Phosphorus Mine

The main useful minerals Meiyukou collophane phosphate ore, gangue minerals mainly dolomite, chalcedony quartz-like, grain-like quartz or the like followed, marine deposit silicon metal calcium phosphate rock type, mineral enriched Difficulty After the system has passed the systematic condition test, the process structure test, the clear water back comparison test, one of the newly recommended processes, the return flow process, after 72 hours of continuous operation, the final indicators obtained exceeded the test requirements. The index of the Dagukou Phosphorus Deposit is relatively large. It has been determined to build a joint enterprise of mining, selection, acid, fertilizer and phosphorus chemicals. After the project is completed, it can produce 690,000 tons of phosphate concentrate per year and can be processed locally. Products such as heavy calcium phosphate have alleviated the current shortage of phosphate fertilizer demand in China, and can replace the amount of imported phosphate fertilizer, save a part of foreign exchange, and have significant economic benefits.

 mainly used for earthwork and asphalt applications. New construction and repair work for medium and small scale construction projects, on parking lots, sidewalks, cycle paths, playing fields and sports grounds as well as rolling of joints in road construction.

6~10t large vibratory roller with relatively high pressure and solid capacity should be used for national trunk roads and special roads for automobiles.
For the highway below grade 3, or not often compaction work, it is best to equip with about 2t mobile flexible vibration roller.

2. For the cement concrete pavement, the series vibration roller driven by tire can be used;

3. For asphalt concrete pavement, full-drive vibratory roller should be selected;

4. For the bottom layer of high-grade road subgrade, it is better to choose tire roller or tire driving vibration roller for compaction to obtain uniform compaction;

5. When repairing the road surface, the static action roller can be used.

Iv. Selection of pressed materials according to the type:

1. For rock filling compaction, large tonnage roller should be selected to make large block displacement;

2 for clay compaction, it is best to use convex block ramming roller;

3. For the compaction of the mixture, it is better to choose vibratory roller, so as to mix the size of the particles evenly;

4. Heavy vibratory roller should be used for slow rolling for deep compaction, while static action roller should be used for shallow compaction.

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