·Alibaba's strategic cooperation: accelerate the landing of Internet cars

After cooperating with SAIC and Dongfeng Motors, Ali Zailafu bet on Internet cars. On December 7, Ali and Ford Motor Company reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation to jointly promote cooperation in the fields of smart connected vehicles, artificial intelligence, intelligent mobile services and digital marketing.
In this three-year agreement, Ali's AliOS automotive operating system, cloud computing, new retail, digital marketing and other business segments will participate in the cooperation, all future Ford and Lincoln brand vehicles sold in China (including imports and Local production) and self-owned brand electric vehicles produced in China will also become part of the cooperation.
It is reported that the two sides are currently conducting in-depth communication on the future technology trends, application areas, cooperation models and development forms of Zhida Auto, and will rely on Alibaba's research on cutting-edge basic technology to integrate cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Combine with the depth of the car through the AliOS operating system.
In fact, this is not the first cooperation between Ali and traditional auto companies. As early as July 2016, Ali and SAIC (600104, shares it) jointly created the first Internet car Roewe RX5, which also became the first mass-produced Internet car in China. In October this year, Ali also announced with Zebra. The network and Shenlong Automobile have reached a strategic cooperation on the future of intelligent car, and will soon launch a smart connected car equipped with AliOS. The first model will be Dongfeng Citroen.

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