Aker receives order for drilling ship lift system

It is reported that Norwegian engineering contractor Aker Solutions has received a $50 million contract to provide a deepwater drilling hoisting system for a drilling ship built by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Ocean in South Korea. The shipowner is Atwood Oceanics in Houston, USA.
It is reported that this 10,000-foot hoisting system will be used on the $600 million "Atwood Advantage" ultra-deepwater drilling vessel under construction, which is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2013. Aker also has a priority supply for two other systems. The upgrade system, called CLIP, will be built at Aker's factory in Malaysia and will be delivered in June 2013. This is also the 6th lift system order that Aker obtained from Daewoo Shipbuilding.

Open Mixer Mill

In plastic products factory, people are accustomed to call open mixer mill a two-roll machine.The mixer is a kind of mixing plastic equipment which is used in the production plant of plastic products earlier.

1. Drum - Made of chilled cast iron.The inner water can be cooled or heated by steam, and electrically heated.
2. Rack - The steel plate is made of welding or casting, and the structure is rigid.
3. Base - For one-type structure,mining steel plate welding, high operaing stability."
4. Bushing - Bearing-type bushing, shell mining cast iron material, lined with high intensity bearings.
5. Bushing lubrication - Adopt the forced circulation lubrication system.
6. Braking system - Machinery with emergency stop equipemnt,when emergency, press the stop switch, machinery immediately stop.
7. Drum Clearance Adjustment - Electric adjustment.
8. Gearbox - Gear with cylindrical, hard tooth surface 20CrMnTi, quenching treatment, carburizing treatment, hardness HRC 57-62 degrees
9. Installation Cold - Circulatory system, low noise,high transmission power, can withstand higher load.

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