Agricultural park built agricultural weather station

There are many climate-related farms in agriculture, and “preparedness” puts the relationship between meteorology and agricultural production to the fullest extent. To make agricultural meteorology a force for agricultural production, rather than disasters, it is necessary to integrate agricultural meteorology. Relevant important indicators are in their hands and appropriate preventive measures are taken promptly. In recent years, agricultural parks have been newly built in many agricultural parks. Their purpose can actually be summarized in terms of “preparing for a rainy day”. Using this instrument to obtain more detailed and accurate agrometeorological data can help agricultural parks achieve scientific planting and scientific management and obtain Better production benefits.

Agricultural Weather Station

The Agricultural Meteorological Station is a crop meteorological inspection system designed for the monitoring of the growing environment of agricultural crops and for disaster monitoring and early warning. It can be used to measure wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, environmental humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, and other factors. After the Agricultural Park has been established in the agricultural park, agricultural weather will no longer be obfuscated, but will be accurately recorded. After collecting the agricultural meteorological data, it can be displayed at a glance to the technicians. With these professional data as a basis, the production management of agricultural parks will be more scientific. After the crops are subjected to refined management, the quality and output will be significantly improved, and the income of the park will also be significantly increased.

At present, with the adjustment of agricultural structure and the rapid development of science and technology agriculture, the construction of agricultural weather stations in agricultural parks is not an example, but has become an increasingly common phenomenon. The application of this system has not only solved important problems such as the lack of small meteorological testing data for agriculture and the prevention of early warning of agricultural meteorological disasters, but also laid a good foundation for agricultural meteorological scientific research and improved meteorology as the quality and level of agricultural services. The integration of meteorology and agriculture has been achieved. At the same time, as far as the development of agriculture is concerned, the application of agro-meteorological stations further promotes the development of local agricultural industries with unique characteristics, and fully exerts the role of meteorological services in the development of agriculture, wealthy peasants, and prosperity in rural areas.

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