Accelerating market demand and accelerating new industrialization are important strategic options for development

Demand for the market situation in 2013 will rise moderately from the previous year, but the overall situation is still not optimistic. The developed countries are still expanding their advantages in the high-end equipment market in China and have begun to squeeze their share of the Chinese terminal market. Relevant experts pointed out: "To our pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, we can say that we have formed a double attack from the previous resistance and the industry will encounter many difficulties in its development."

Quality brand is the essence of new industrialization. The new industrialization is industrialization with high technological content, good economic returns, low resource consumption, low environmental pollution, and full utilization of human resources. Its five major characteristics need to be achieved through improving product quality and establishing a good brand. Quality brand is an important way to increase the added value of products, improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development, and is an important strategic choice for accelerating the development of new industrialization.

At present, China's pharmaceutical machinery companies lack the awareness and capability of independent innovation and basic theoretical research, which restricts the development of China's industry technology. To change this status, it is necessary to thoroughly study the characteristics and requirements of the user industry, and develop the actual requirements. High-level products, at the same time, should also pay attention to the research of basic theoretical work, so as to win better development for the industry.

The state has introduced a series of policies to vigorously build new and high-tech enterprises. The industry should seize the opportunity to upgrade the company's production technology, strictly guarantee product quality, and provide a good environment and market for accelerating the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

In the transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical machine industry, we can often hear such measures as “strengthening brand building”. However, we must also realize that the imported high-end equipment is more popular. Apart from the long-established brand awareness, the more important is the product trust that is built up by excellent quality and service.

Therefore, domestic pharmaceutical companies must further enhance product quality while strengthening brand building to ensure the healthy development of the industry. Completely bid farewell to the trap of low-tech, low-value-added, and low-cost vicious competition, and gradually move toward the field of “green environmental protection, high added value, and high technology content”.

Our products are rigorous in manufacturing, high quality and reliable in operation. Our products are exported to many countries and are well received by users. We off OEM services to global customers and we can manufacture slurry pumps or spare parts according to the construction drawings and samples. The parts can be made of nonmetallic materials, include:

1.rubber materials

The rubber materials are suitable for conveying abrasive slurry or corrosive slurry without sharp particles (such as river sand) or fine particles (d<0.5mm).

2.Polyurethane elastomeric materials

The polyurethane elastomer materials have physical dynamic properties similar to rubber, but have better wear resistance than rubber, especially in working conditions of wet media such as water and oil, and their wear resistance is usually several times better than ordinary rubber materials.

Nonmetallic Material Spare Parts

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