Academician Xie Heping tells you how coal goes to capacity

February 5 this year, the State Council issued "on the coal industry to resolve the opinions of excess capacity to achieve development turnaround," made it clear "to the production capacity" is the main task of the coal industry. However, it is not clear how to define advanced and backward production capacity. “De-capacity” lacks a set of scientific exit criteria and a set of quantitative standards to guide the rational allocation of production capacity.

On July 17 this year, the research team led by Xie Heping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, released the “China Coal Science Capacity Evaluation Research Report” in Beijing, ranking the first time for the scientific production capacity of Chinese coal companies.

What is scientific production capacity?

Scientific production capacity refers to the production capacity of coal resources to be maximized in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way under the premise of ensuring the sustainable development of reserves within a certain period of time. It is a concrete manifestation of the comprehensive capability of the coal industry and a mining area. The strategic goal is to establish a sustainable and modern coal industry production system that is safe, efficient, green, economical and socially coordinated.

Production safety, production greenness, and mechanization of production are the specific quantitative directions of “scientific production capacity”, and based on this, we have formulated China’s coal science capacity evaluation indicators during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, among which 7 first-level indicators such as “production safety” 14 secondary indicators such as “million tons of mortality”.

Low production level and low level of modernization

The use of scientific capacity indicators for the evaluation and calculation of 105 mines in China. The Bohuatai, Daliuta and Haragou coal mines of Shenhua Group are listed in the top three in this assessment. From the perspective of indicator structure, the degree of production greenness, that is, the protection degree of mining area ecology and resource environment in the development process still needs to be further improved; from the perspective of mine location, the coal mines in Shanxi-Shaanxi Mengninggan area are generally better; The data of the scientific capacity index of the extra-large mines above 10 million tons is the best, and the mine science capacity below 1.2 million tons has the lowest score.

The top 100 companies in the rankings scored an average of 79.83 points, a significant increase from the 62.72 points in 2014. The best Shenhua Group companies in China averaged 85.48 points, and 83 of the top 100 companies met the scientific capacity standards. With the same indicator system and calculation method, Australia scored 97 points and the United States scored 94 points.

"The release of the rankings is aimed at using the standards of scientific production capacity to force coal mining enterprises to continuously upgrade science and technology and equipment, improve management, improve the quality of employees, and guide the development of the coal industry to the modern industry of green mining and clean utilization." Xie Heping said.

Scientific production capacity is the inevitable road

By quantifying the form of ranking, let us clearly understand the gap between the modernization level of China's coal industry and the international level. The introduction of scientific production capacity is the inevitable development of the coal industry.

Academician Xie Heping said that the implementation of scientific production capacity will promote the transformation of the coal industry, from extensive coal mining to safe and efficient mining supported by high and new technology; from production speed to quality and efficiency; from single coal production to comprehensive utilization of coal, The direction of deep processing has changed, and the value of coal has been greatly increased; from the simple control of coal mine casualties to the comprehensive protection of occupational safety; from resource and environmental constraints to ecologically friendly.

At the same time, Academician Xie Heping also planned a grand blueprint for the coal revolution:

2020-2030 to achieve "the number of people in the underground, close to the natural gas emission level";

From 2030 to 2040, "there is no underground, close to the level of clean energy emissions";

From 2040 to 2050, it achieved “no underground, no coal on the ground, pure clean energy”.

The scientific production capacity based on safety, high efficiency and green is the scientific indicator for the coal industry to eliminate backward production capacity and develop advanced production capacity. The actual operation of de-capacity is timely.

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