On September 20th, the world’s largest CTA/PTA steam rotary dryer with an annual capacity of 4 million tons was successfully shipped to Nanjing and will be ready for delivery. The large-scale drying unit from research and development, design to manufacturing, all by China Chemical Tianhua C
Introduction Gear transmission is the most important mechanical transmission in modern machinery. Gear is an important basic component of mechanical products. Grinding is a finishing process for gear machining. Grinding teeth can not only correct the errors caused by gear pre-machining, but also si
Battery life is an important factor in the design of mobile devices. Many mobile devices have added more features, and these new features will quickly reduce run time. Engineers must take advantage of complex power management schemes to get the longest battery life. Engineers need to use battery c
On July 9, the unveiling ceremony for Qinghai Multicolored Alkali Industry Co., Ltd. was jointly organized by Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Colourful Mining Co., Ltd. In March this year, Qinghai Colourful Mining Co., Ltd. and Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Co., Ltd. signed a cooperatio
  Northrop Grumman Corporation of the United States recently introduced the MK 39 Mod 4A Ring Laser marine inertial navigation system, which is the company's latest generation MK 39 series navigation system based on improved RLG technology. It is reported that the new version of the MK 39 Mo