Reasonable choice of mining method means that it can strengthen the safety management of mining work and reduce personal injury and death for geological conditions. Depending on the stope ore mining process management method, a metal, non-metallic underground mining methods are roughly classified i
A few days ago, Jin Qi (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd. said that they are preparing to launch a rubber tire manufacturing project. It is reported that they are renting factories and building bicycle tire production lines. After the production line is put into production, it can produce
How can mine managers successfully lead the team in the mine? How to manage time efficiently? How to deal with complicated interpersonal relationships? How to make things more efficient and what kind of capabilities are there? It is a question worth pondering. First, the four types of time that th
This invention discloses a method for conditioning and dewatering sludge in a water purification plant. Firstly, ultrasonication is used to break up the sludge in the purification plant; then, chemicals are added to re-flocculate the disintegrated sludge; and finally, the treated sludge is treated