The current distinctive feature of dryer equipment services in the chemical industry is that the role of technical content has become increasingly prominent. This is very different from selling products in the past mainly by price competition. Among them, some drying equipments have a high technic
“Since we have used the Fast Retarder, we no longer have to worry about the long downhill section. It is our friend who is worth relying on!”. A tanker driver of CNPC Guangxi Transportation said. PetroChina Guangxi Transportation Company Tanker Truck Recently, Taiwan 25 series
Analysis of the Causes of the Explosion of the Air Compressor Impeller in the Experience Exchange Hou Feng, Xu Hong, Guan Kaishu, Ye Guoqing, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai 2∞237 Impeller cracking causes fatigue cracking, impeller welding defects produce welding cr