In the first half of the year, the number of vehicles reached 2600 units, and the sales volume reached 19,000 units. In these two indicators, Sichuan has already completed 80% of the annual tasks. Among the 30 overseas offices in Yuchai , the Sichuan office ranked first in the first half of this y
Boiler feed pump should be the correct method of operation: First of all, open the inlet valve, close the outlet valve, start the motor until the speed is normal, in order to gradually open the outlet valve, adjust to the desired conditions. Centrifugal pump operation can be divided into three step
What is a gauge needle valve? 1, Concept: Gauge needle valve is an important part of instrument measuring pipeline system, there are stop valve and ball valve, its function is to open or cut off the pipeline access. 2, Advantages: 1) Cartridge meter valve has the advantages of convenient installatio
Doosan Construction Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. Agents participate in the conference DISD has been successfully launched since 2008. After two years of design and testing, the DL505/305 Doosan advanced loader has been successfully launched. In order to conduct mutual exchanges, communication,