The improvement measures are to set an oil-free flow switch for each oil circuit at the outlet of the oil distributor, and connect all the switch output signals in series, and use the original communication channel to better monitor each oil circuit to realize alarm and shutdown. control. Increas
As the semi-annual report has been released, the speculation of LED as the most deterministic sector in the electronics industry in 2014 has been confirmed. According to the data, 17 of the 21 LED listed companies have increased their profit margins at the same time. Four of them have increased thei
The air compressor light hydrocarbon DCS system has only two monitoring screens, which cannot meet the monitoring and operation needs when opening large equipment. The APM capacity of the joint station and light hydrocarbons is insufficient, and the LCN node also has security risks, and the HM no
The recent low iron ore prices rebounded, resulting in lower production enthusiasm for China's major iron and steel enterprises, while the output of crude steel fell month-on-month. However, the seasonal off-season made the downstream shipments of the steel market weak, and steel price