Fire pumps, according to different classification is divided into different varieties with its all sealed, non-leakage, corrosion-resistant properties, commonly used in environmental protection, water disposal, fire and other departments used to pump all kinds of liquids, is the creation of non Lea
For our oil purifier, we often involved in how to use the solenoid valves in the oil purifier system. There are the Recoil types, Pilot type, Direct-acting types, etc. So we need to know the function and the usages, and installation. A . Direct-acting solenoid valve principle: Th
[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today we introduce a national patent for invention—a meter for gas and water. The patent was applied for by Jinan Ruiquan Electronics Co., Ltd. and was authorized to be announced on August 24, 2016. Descript
Many people know that the Continental brand may still start with the most widely used horse tires in the country. In fact, the German mainland is not only the world's third largest tire manufacturing company, but also the largest supplier of auto parts